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ON December 31, all roads lead to different church venues countrywide as people will attend crossover or New Year services.

As Bishop Believe Paradise of Victory Power International in Chitungwiza said, during the crossover night, churches will announce their 2015 themes andor prophecies. Expectations are high because the declarations will give the nation another opportunity to turn to God.

In this instalment, we examine some of the blueprints or prophecies for 2014. Did the prophecies come to pass?

2014 blueprintsprophecies

A number of bold declarations for 2014 were made by Pastor Anselm Mvenge of Christian Healing Ministries for all nations, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of the United Family International Church, Apostle Pride Sibiya of Glory Ministries, Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations, to name but a few. We will also examine Pope Francis’ message to the Catholic Church leadership for 2015.

Pastor Mvenge prophecy on corruption

On December 31, 2013, little-known Pastor Anselm who was then based in Gweru declared 2014 as the Year of a Fresh Start saying: “2013 was the Year of Restoration. Now we are taking it up from there. The message from heaven is all over: 2014 is the Year of a Fresh Start, because this last year, you were restored. The key text is Deuteronomy 28:1 -7, 14. Obey God’s commandments.”

Pastor Mvenge gave a tough message: “God is discouraging corruption. God is saying that people who engage in corrupt activities will be exposed in the coming days and months – whatever the person’s rank in society, including the church.

“If you do bad things, you will be exposed. In your workplace, if you are accumulating wealth using ungodly ways, you will be exposed. I am not being specific here, but God is saying bad habits are bad because they take people’s attention away from God. God gave me His word and I am speaking that word. Praise the Lord, alleluia!”

Pastor Mvenge said he was giving the prophecy because God loves Zimbabwe, but the people despise what God is to them.

“This was an international message, and God used the media to expose the corruption. God is now looking at a people who take His prophecies seriously. That’s the background to the fresh start. Don’t enter 2014 with balance brought forward. We want the remaining issues of 2013 to be placed in the suspense account,” he declared.

The prophecy on corruption came to pass as the beginning of 2014 to date has seen a number of corrupt activities by low- and high-ranking personalities in Government and the private sector being exposed.

Pastor Mvenge explained that corruption was not limited to dishonesty for personal gain, but that it is a sin just like any the other sin and that the revelations give room for repentance so that God gives those exposed a fresh start.

“Don’t celebrate or rejoice at someone’s downfall. We were not sent to condemn but to bless. God is also saying if those exposed repent, He will forgive them, and give them a fresh start,” he cautioned.

TB Joshua on corruption also

Prophet TB Joshua declared 2014 the Year of Crossing the Bridge, adding that in order “to cross the bridge, you need to grab onto faith.”

Part of the prophecy said: “This is not going to be easy for the mighty. Many of the mighty will fall. Pray for them.

The rich, famous and popular people – many will fall in 2014 because crossing the bridge is not going to be easy: they need God. Many of the key leaders in political parties (Nigeria) will go down in 2014. If many key leaders go down with 2014, what will now happen with 2015? Pray for 2015 to be fulfilled. The beginner is not the owner but the finisher.”

Prophet TB Joshua also said, “It is a bridge that connects one to another. If the year is a bridge, what exactly will you expect? It means you have to live modestly . . . Please, you have to return to your destiny. What is the meaning of destiny? It is the way of the Lord. This year (2014, you have to return to the way of the Lord!”

Prophet Makandiwa’s mid-year prophecy

UFIC declared 2014 the year of Divine Solutions. But what caught the nation’s attention was Prophet Makandiwa’s September 23 prophecy.

This was a nation that forgot that on December 7, 2011 in a message title “The Watchman”, Prophet Makandiwa said a prophet’s responsibility was to declare to the people what God would have revealed to him according to the book of prophet Ezekiel 33:1-9.

On September 23 Prophet Makandiwa predicted turmoil in the country and pleaded with the people to pray to avoid the doom and gloom that the Lord had revealed to him.

He said in part: “I can see something, it’s not something good. But the way I see it, I gave you the exact month (June 2014) and said can it be pushed or not?

“What is it that we had to pray against? From the physical, some will say it’s a nice thing, but spiritually, you see the aftermath, the consequence. It was like thousands entering into a field. These people were like farmers, all of them carrying seeds, they started planting them and as they planted the seeds, the seeds were very good, but they were planting them in the wrong season, it was not the time,” Prophet Makandiwa said.

“The seeds were scattered everywhere, but the time was wrong, God said though the seed may be good, the timing was wrong.”

“I tried to warn the people that’s when the owner of the field said you can’t plant in my field, but the people never listened. That’s when I then saw bees practically walking on foot and the bees were biting these people and the people were now crying, after the noise there were other bees which heard the crying and these ones came in flying. After that, the bees started attacking each other, but in the process, the farmers were in danger.”

“I saw some of the rivers we have here in Zimbabwe, some turned into blood. I got into the fields and I saw blood spots on the walls and in the fields. This is a spiritual thing, not a physical one … ” he said.

Although the prophecy was invariably interpreted, with most people seeing political undertones in the message, Prophet Makandiwa urged the nation to ceaselessly pray, adding that the hand of God was closer to help the people of Zimbabwe.

The prophecy was taken seriously since there was turbulence in the political and economic spheres in particular. With a few days left before we enter 2015, some people credit Prophet Makandiwa’s call to intercede for the nation as a milestone to avert disaster that was in the making.

Apostle Sibiya on Zimbabwe’s destiny

Apostle Sibiya gave a prophetic word on Zimbabwe clarifying a position that many have taken for granted. He declared, “Every nation has a destiny, and Zimbabwe has been known as the bread basket of Africa. It all starts in the spiritual realm.

We are the breadbasket of Africa. We have never failed to be one in the spiritual realm, and that’s part of our destiny. When you look at the spiritual, you realise that spiritual ministers that come from Zimbabwe are providing bread.

“Look at people like Bishop Tudor Bismark, Baba Ezekiel Guti. These are not just Zimbabwean spiritual fathers. They are breaking bread at an international level. This is our destiny as a nation. And, whatever we are going through is because of God’s destiny over our lives.

“There are times when God allows us to go through certain things, but we will remain Bethlehem – the house of bread. After this season, there will come another season where there will be restoration, and in the physical, people will realise that we have never ceased to be a house of bread.”

Apostle Ezekiel Guti on 2015

Apostle Guti’s December 1 letter for 2015 to all churches of Forward in Faith reads in part: “The year 2015 is the year of Walking in Our Inheritance practicing the Kingdom of God … Scripture says in Proverbs 28:20, ‘A faithful man will abound with blessings, but he who hastens to be rich will not go unpunished.’ True riches, you have to first lay a foundation step by step. We need the grace of God to be faithful, so the blessing will abound in us … We need to escape from corruption by learning to be faithful. (2 Peter 1:4) . . . To become rich, you start small and go up step by step. You can only be rich by saving money … ”

This dovetails with other messages above as Apostle Guti reiterates that corruption does not pay.

Pope Francis

Catholic pontiff, Pope Francis is a different pope. On December 22, he set a new tone for the Catholic Church when he gave a terse message to senior governing cardinals, bishops and priests of the Vatican against “spiritual Alzheimer’s. The Pope brought a 15-point “catalogue” of spiritual diseases seen among the church leadership. One of Pope Francis’s 15 “ailments” was:

Having “spiritual Alzheimer’s”. “We see it in the people who have forgotten their encounter with the Lord . . . in those who depend completely on their here and now, on their passions, whims and manias, in those who build walls around themselves and become enslaved to the idols that they have built with their own hands.”

The Vatican’s spokesman Fr Thomas Rosica remarked in a statement: “The Pope’s words speak for themselves and need no interpretation.

Now and then in our religious history, prophets arise to call us back to our origins, our roots and also our intended mission. That is what Pope Francis is doing. His words apply not only to the Roman Curia at the Vatican but to the entire Church throughout the world. His words are also valid for many institutions in the world today that lose sight of their original mission.”


While some of the prophecies came to pass, others are a work in progress. There is hope and a call to have faith and trust in the Lord because the gospel of Jesus Christ does not come in vain.

BellaNaija website says, “Prophecies are meant to guide Christians on living their best and how to avoid being victims of the negative aspects of the prophecies.”

But, Prophet TB Joshua’s Year of Crossing the Bridge touched everyone, men and women of God included. We saw Pastor Anita Oyakhilome filing for divorce from husband Pastor Chris, founder of Christ Embassy ministries.

Prophet TB Joshua had to cross his own bridge as a tragedy killed more than 100 pilgrims, mostly South Africans when a guesthouse at SCOAN collapsed during the course of the year.

Prophet Uebert Angel’s reported illness has also surprised many. It was unexpected. His contributions on the prophetic office cannot be overlooked.

Another prominent man of God, Dr Myles Munro died tragically in a plane crash.

Then we had a number of tragedies at Prophet Walter Magaya’s PHD Ministries’ services.

In all these events, God has been saying something to us all. As major events and personalities went down with 2014, what will happen in 2015? The best seed you can deposit in 2015 is your word during the crossover services. Apostle Daniel Madu of Jesus Power Christian Ministries warns: “Don’t play games with God. What has been taking your peace must come to an end.”

Happy New Year!

Crossover night events

Event: UFIC – Crossover night Date: December 31 Venue: UFIC, Chitungwiza Time: 9pm Hosts: Prophet E and Prophetess R Makandiwa

Event: Glory Ministries – Crossover Night Date: December 31 Venue: Bethel Worship Centre (Glory Ministries Church stand) Theme: Mega Prosperity Time: 8pm to January 1 Host: Apostle Pride Sibiya Contact: + 263 774042042

Event: CHM f.a.n New Year Service Date: December 31 Venue: Andy Millar Hall Time: 6pm to 6am Hosts: Pastor Anselm and Mrs Grace Mvenge

Event: Tabernacle of Mercy Seat Ministries International – New Year service Date: December 31 Time: 8pm till dawn Theme: It’s the time and season Hosts: Pastor T. and S.M. Ziwange Venue: Rugare Primary School hall, Rugare

Event: Victory Power International Ministries -Crossover Night Date: December 31 Venue: Limbani Shops, Zengeza 5, Chitungwiza Time: 8pm to 5am Featuring: Pastors Haisa, David Mabvuramiti and Bethan Pasinawako Hosts: Bishop Believe and Pastor Mitchel Paradise

Event: Crossover Night – New Life Covenant Church Date: December 31 Venue: Eastend Hall, Harare Showgrounds Time: 9pm Hosts: Bishop Tudor and Pastor ChiChi Bismark

Event: Revelation Night – El Shaddai Ministries International Date: December 31 Time: 8pm to 5am Venue: TRC – along Mutare Rd (opposite Zimre Park), turnoff next to Sakunda Service Station) Host: Bishop Dr. P.I. Hove Contact: +263 772652318, +263 712608351

Event: Zimpraise New Year Celebrations – The Revelation Reloaded Concert Date: January 1, 2015 Venue: Harare International Conference Centre Time: 1pm Featuring: Sharon Manyonganise album launch

Please email forthcoming events to: tendai.manzvanzvike@zimpapers.co.zw by mid-day of Tuesday of each working week.

Source : The Herald