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Cool people, how are you doing? Countdown to holiday begins and phew the FIFA World Cup is over. What’s next, well SWAG still exists.

Thanks for the birthday messages and yeah, we’re getting older.

We have also received overwhelming responses on the junior swag, joining CLS.

We can be honest with you that it’s 5050 as most were shocked while others are supporting the notion of having them on board. Even in the Hollywood Showbiz check how celebrities like Justin Bieber and Riri are taking the issue of tiny tots seriously.

Involving them in whatever they do should be positive by the way.

Recently on Instagram it’s about the babies (sister or brother).

Our DJ of the week is DJ Mustard (Mustard on the beat) yup some of you remember him on 2On Tinashe’s song. The man got beats. Locally we say congrats to DJ Simonsayz for scooping the Best African DJ award in Cyprus.

Back to reloaded, let’s check on our top latest trends. Sorry no awards this week.

Leather bat bow tie or a hair accessory

Be cool this coming holiday with a leather bat bow tie style. I am sure that these Bat Bows were intended to be worn as a hair accessory for women. But they look so perfect as a Batman-inspired bow tie that we can’t help but imagine putting it on to adorn a formal tux, too.

Like you are Bruce Wayne dropping subtle hints about your secret identity. We don’t know that many ladies who will actually be caught dead accessorising in Batman merchandise, but for those that will, these look glorious. It’s, like, instant-Batgirl without the need to put on a ridiculous costume.

Perfect, when you want to accompany the friend to a comic book convention and he wants you to dress up (because he’s wearing a Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit and carrying a Bat Pack for all his loot) but you don’t really feel like trying.

The Bat Bows are made from leather, with alligator clips for easily putting on and taking off. Yeah, alligator clips sound like they will be difficult to pull off with a formal suit attire, but how many Batman fan boys do you know who won’t give it their hardest effort? It measures 7cm long, with the metal clip measuring 1.2cm.


So much for you, yes, DSTV has launched a new channel dubbed Lifetime Original moves and of the favourite is the Dance Moms programme which follows talented children’s early steps on the road to stardom, along with the determined mothers who will stop at nothing to help them reach the very top. The show immerses itself in the highs and lows surrounding the dance competition season and the cast’s intense pursuit of National Dance titles. “Dance Moms” premieres on July 22 at 1910hrs.

Tracks of the week

1. Say Yes – Michelle Williams feat Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland

2. 24 hrs – 2Chainz

3. Dangerous Love – Sean Paul feat Fuse

4. Change your World – Trey Songz

5. Dance on my Own – M.O

Source : The Herald