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From time immemorial Africans have been given a raw deal by Westerners from time ofnbsp the Trans-Antlantic Slave Trade to colonialism and now neo-colonialism manifest in several duplicitous institutions that serve to perpetuate Western hegemony.

Even as you read this, police in the United States are busy using African Americans for target practice. No week goes by without reports of some racist shooting down of, or beating of unarmed black Americans.

This is the legacy of the racist concept of white justice that looks at the colour of the suspect not the merits of the case.

From the United Nations Security Council to the international financial system dominated by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, it is the primacy of the white West that is promoted.

And even in Africa, we host many institutions that are African in name only with Westerners holding significant weighted votes, a case in point being the African Development Bank.

Come to the African Union itself, the body created with the lofty vision of fostering a United States of Africa, it does not help matters that 70 percent of the AU budget is met by development partners who end up influencing the continental agenda.

The same goes for the ICC, that at inception propounded lofty ideals of international justice but which has since morphed into an instrument of Western hegemony by targeting African and Eastern European leaders.

The ICC is today a glorified version of the racist lynch mobs that used to hang Africans on the flimsiest of excuses.

Since it was set up, the ICC has indicted only developing world leaders while known war criminals like George W. Bush and Tony Blair, who are guilty of killing and maiming millions in Iraq, strut the world as free men.

Looking at those indicted by the ICC, it is clear that the court operates like a spider’s web that traps only fleas and mosquitoes leaving larger vermin like rats to run riot.

It is this shameful history that saw the AU decide to collectively condemn the ICC and call for an African Court of Justice.

We urge the AU, to adopt as one of its resolutions, wholesale withdrawal from the ICC so that the envisaged African Court of Justice can become a reality.

The African position was vindicated yesterday when the ICC, through Western-sponsored proxies, sought to compel South Africa to arrest Sudan president Omar al-Bashir for alleged war crimes.

While South Africa is party to the Rome Statute, Mr Bashir was in South Africa on AU business and had been guaranteed the requisite immunity, which he must be afforded without fail.

That, however, did not deter the NGO-types in the so-called Southern African Litigation Centre to seek Mr Al-Bashir’s detention.

We are encouraged by the ANC position that called on the government of South Africa to guarantee Mr Al-Bashir’s safety.

The Westerners can keep their ICC, and we keep our dignity.

Source : The Herald