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So after the ZANU-PF Congress which kept viewers glued to the screens for one whole week is over, what else is there to watch? From the look of it, it is now back to normal programming and the main news bulletin is now being anchored by the lovely Rumbidzai Takawira. Many viewers are still warming up to Rumbidzai after all, she is not a bad reader.

She reminds me of some eloquent readers on the new channels SABC News and etv Africa among others.

I just think the only difference is on wardrobe.

Please get me right, I am not saying she does not know how to dress, but all she needs is a sponsor who wants to aertise their clothes.

Not so long ago, the ZBCTV news presenters were dressed by some exclusive boutiques and trendy shops in town. We wonder what happened to that smart partnership.

So far, Rumbidzai hasn’t been caught off guard by the cameras maybe she is still very much aware that she’s being watched.

There was once a news reader who I am not going to mention for fear of reprisal, who was caught on camera snotty nosed.

You know sometimes hiccups are plenty during the main news and this is why perhaps the readers are stuck with reading from papers.

And still on news I have noticed that Rueben Barwe as much as he is a veteran in news, there are times that we feel he takes things for granted.

Those of us who are into news business would know that Barwe sometimes skirts around questions or rather asks his interviewees the wrong questions.

For those who followed the proceedings during the swearing in of the new ministers, Barwe was all wishy-wash.

For instance, when he asked the Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa soon after the swearing in ceremony he said: “From prisoner to Vice President the Mnangagwa family I’m sure there is different situation.” Oh please!

Perhaps Barwe still gets overwhelmed or rather star-struck when he interviews top politicians.

To be honest, you cannot ask how happy one is when they get elevated. Can you?

It is given, everyone feels proud and happy but the question is will they live up to expectations.

Yours truly thought the question that should have been asked was how the Vice President Mnangagwa would juggle around his two briefs as the Legal and Justice Minister and then as the Vice President.

Anyway moving on to a different thing on ZBCTV, there is a programme called “Media Watch’ which is often anchored by Justin Mahlahla.

While the programme is not a bad one, yours truly thinks it needs some fine tuning.

For such a programme surely it should not be about reading headlines from different newspapers more so on different days.

For some reason, it turns out that the first section of the programme takes viewers through various headlines by different publications on different days. Does this help anyone in understanding the stories or for what purpose does that serve.

And then another shocking thing on ZBCTV is that it does not matter who comes on the show.

One moment a person is introduced as a media analyst then the next time on a different programme he is called a political or economic analyst and before you know it he is commenting on football.

Like seriously, how does that happen?

Isn’t better to have different faces commenting on different topics not just the same people time and again.

Don’t we have other people who know something about these different topics.

And how come we don’t see members from the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists or the Media Institute of Southern Africa coming onto the programme.

It would be best to open up the programme to other people who bring different views for as long as it builds the nation.

Last but not least, DStv subscribers in Zimbabwe had the pleasure of hiring movies through the box office facility before it went down.

Well yours truly is pleased to announce that the Box office is now up and running again.

I had a couple of friends who managed to hire movies over the weekend and so happy they were that they could not wait to break the news.

Until next week remember its television and it is real we also welcome your views and contributions to make our column better.

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Source : The Herald