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THE LABOUR Court has ordered the Masvingo Drama Circle management committee to pay outstanding salaries and allowances to theatre practitioner Leeroy Gono who was employed by the former as artistic director of the Charles Austin Theatre, in Masvingo. Gono in January this year dragged the management committee to the courts, after the latter reneged on its contractual obligations to pay the former for his services as the artistic director.

The magistrate’s court referred the issue to the labour court for arbitration to determine whether there was an employment relationship between the parties and whether there was arbitrary variation of employment contract. Gono, 29, was appointed new Resident Artistic Director for Charles Austin Theatre by the Masvingo Drama Circle in July 2013, making him the first black person to hold that post.

He was appointed by the committee which at that time was led by Douglas Hill which offered him a three year contract.

Hill and other members of the committee later stepped down, making way for a new management committee led by Gideon Masarira.

The new management then wrote to Gono aising him that they will no longer fund his welfare and reduced his post to a volunteer position.

They then proceeded to appoint Kethani Michael Banda as the new artistic director.

Source : New Zimbabwe