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The holidays are upon us and the excitement is reaching fever pitch.

This weekend signals the beginning of the partying and some are already travelling to their holiday getaway as you read this.

It is officially the start of the festive season in the country and although this has been a tough year for many everyone plans to have themselves a good time in some way or other.

While many companies did not pay out the 13th cheque (bonuses) to their workers, a few did. These are the workers that are moving around with a swing in their step.

They have money in their pockets so obviously there is a plan or two on how to spend it and spread the cheer. The festive season is always synonymous with eating too much and spending too much.

This is the time that children can look forward to getting some new clothes. It is also the time people expect to eat and drink more than they would usually do. It is the time when people pack up and travel across the region, world and country to spend some time in the holiday resorts, rural homes or just spending time with loved ones at home during this down time.

It is a known fact that this period has loads of weddings, traditional marriage ceremonies, church services and all sorts of celebrations.

No one expects to spend their time moping about during the festive season. But it has been known to happen that while others celebrate, others are plunged into mourning. When people get too happy, tragedy can occur at any time. We all know that some people drink one too many during the holidays. Drinking and driving has never been a good option. It is even worse during this rainy season when roads are slippery and all the jagged holes that we call roads begin to show their true shape.

No one has any business speeding across the type of roads that we have in some of our cities. Thank goodness that most highways are in the process of being spruced up. But we still have roads that are death traps.

The Masvingo highway is one such road. There is real need to give it urgent attention. Each time you have a loved one travelling by road to South Africa and back, you literally develop goose-bumps.

Your stomach only settles down after you hear they are back safely. It is that bad. The heavy presence of haulage trucks on the road and large volumes of traffic definitely make things even harder.

Smaller vehicles on that road at times have to literally get off the road to avoid getting side-swiped or being smashed into head-on.

Many people have lost loved ones on that road. But it is not the only road that is like that. There are so many others. Road traffic accidents are one of the ills that we have to contend with today. They have become so bad. Earlier in the year many people lost someone in the prime of their life to a road traffic accident. Human error accounted for most of the accidents.

But in some cases it was faulty tyres, speeding, bad road networks and bad driving by other motorists. In the end however what we know is that lives were lost. Let us ensure that we prevent loss of lives by driving safely over the holidays. If you know you want to drink until you lose it, then do it at home and stay off the road. If you are travelling, keep away from alcohol until you arrive safely where you will be going. Then you can drink like there is no tomorrow.

Another word of caution if you have a bit of extra to spend this holiday do not let this go to your head. Spending like there is no tomorrow will only take you one place and one place alone to the money lenders or straight into depression come 2015.

I say this because there are many who are seen partying as if there is no tomorrow during holiday time and yet come January, they will not have enough for their children’s school fees. Let us remember that in January we have Grade Ones and Form Ones starting school and they usually need more than a child who is just continuing with their primary or secondary education.

With Grade One comes a long list of requirements such as uniforms, school bags, sportswear, stationery, school fees and many more.

The same goes for Form One.

The difference between responsible parenting and irresponsible parenting is in how you plan and plan ahead. It does not mean for one to be a good parent they must have loads of cash. There are many parents who do not have much cash who have never had their children chased out for non-payment of school fees. Their children have never gone to bed hungry.

But there are prominent parents who are dragged to court for failing to pay maintenance. There are well-paid people and businesspeople as well as politicians who have to have their names published in the media to take care of their own children.

Their children’s fees are never paid on time. It is about priorities people. Some party the festive season away and come January they cannot even pay a quarter toward the fees of their children.

Let us not be those type of parents. It is better to have a low-key festive season and be organised when the school term begins in January. If you cannot pay your bills, nobody will exempt you just because there would have been a holiday in between.

Then there are those who party themselves into disease and unplanned parenthood. They sleep around and conveniently forget HIV, sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy. There are men and women who carry into the New Year new diseases and unwanted babies. People be happy but not too happy or you will forever rue the 2014 holiday period. Be careful in all your doings so that you can cross into 2015.

There are many who fail to see the New Year because of overdoing it. Avoid being one of them. In the same way God has been gracious enough to let you see today, be responsible to safeguard yourself and leave the rest to him. Therein lies the difference.

Happy Holidays!!


Source : The Herald