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The Belvedere maid convicted of stealing US$700 000 from her employer yesterday pleaded for the court’s leniency saying she could not resist the sudden temptation of looting after stumbling upon the substantial amount of money. Euna Tsekwete (32) of Shamva, was last Friday found guilty of theft and will be sentenced on Friday.

However, her two alleged accomplices, Rebecca Kawe (28) and Sheila Nyandoro (30) were cleared of the charges after Harare magistrate, Mr Temba Kuwanda, ruled that evidence produced in court did not incriminate them.

In mitigation, Tsekwete represented by her lawyer, Mr Nicholas Chikono, pleaded for court’s lenience indicating that she was not in a position to restitute her former employer Mr Jamil Farogh of his money.

“I was employed as a house maid earning a meagre U$200 and could not resist the sudden temptation when I stumbled upon the US$700 000. I thought since I was working for a rich man, if I took a portion of the wealth he might not feel the pinch,” she said.

Source : The Herald