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Gospel outfit, Men of Thunder is set to give the local gospel scene a new vibe with thunderous songs from their new album a “Varipo”

The 10-track album features three Anglican hymns and seven other gospel tracks that were composed collectively by the group. Like their name suggests, Men of Thunder is proving to be a force thanks to their powerful vocals that match their message.

“We derived our name from the biblical verses where Jesus called his disciples James and John the sons of thunder. We are out to the spread the gospel through music,” said one of the members Tamuka Maupfu.

The group consists of nine members that hail from St Andrews Anglican Glen View CPCA church. They use traditional drums and percussions in their music, a trait that makes them stand out from other groups on the market.

While their previous three albums have fared well amongst fans their brand has grown ger judging from the success of the new album.

“We last released an album in 2008 and stopped because of financial constraints. We were however singing at various small concerts in order to keep our music alive. Over the past few years, we have grown spiritually and that is evident on our fourth album,” he said.

The group is also looking forward to making a first ever music video of a song taking off the album. They have also vowed to widen their horizons by reaching out to other markets around Zimbabwe and beyond.

“We have become popular through performances at weddings, church services, funerals and memorials. We however want to take it a step further this time and penetrate deeper into the music sector. The response that we are getting so far is great,” he said.

Source : The Herald