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OUR last Futsal coaching at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield was very exciting and inspiring as we witnessed more than 120 young players throng the famous dilapidated football fields of one of the oldest townships of Harare.

I saw multitudes of young people who were desperate to learn something new about Samba and Tiki Taka, they were very attentive and patient, exuberant with tenacity as they trained hard.

Glen Norah, Mbare and Mufakose gave us rousing welcomes by coming in very large numbers that are a true representation of the passion that these boys have for the game, most importantly I saw young players only aged 14-16 engaged as coaches from teams in Mbare and that really touched me.

When young players simply because of the love of the game can take care of their fellow younger juniors without being paid or asking for money was more than enough for me to understand who should be the true heroes of the game in this football-mad country of ours.

They coached as if they had all the zeal of seasoned coaches, they never showed any signs of despair and yet we hear loud noises of ex-players clamouring for higher paid roles in the wider spectrum of the game.

I would rather listen to such young football marshals who have spines of steel than some pampered ex-players whose obsession is totally opposed to the game. I was more than impressed with one special talent that I saw in Mbare, he is my dream player only aged 12 and yet his deft touches, step-overs and dropping of the shoulders is legendary of the Brazillian winger, Rivaldo.

The boy showed all the qualities of modern offensive wing play, great speed, quick feet, strength and balance, creativity in taking on opponents in delicate areas of the attacking third.

Generally, most young boys in all these suburbs impressed me but this boy simply named Takesure stole my heart, I was on Cloud Nine with every touch as soon as he got the ball.

I hope to come back and start working with this boy and many others, Mbare has got a gem on their doorstep. Viva Samba, Long Live Tiki Taka, Zim Talent is alive and kicking . . .

Phillip Zulu is a UK-based Zimbabwean soccer coach who recently returned to Zimbabwe to launch his Super Eagles Futsal (five-a-side-soccer) programme.

Source : The Herald