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New kid on the urban grooves block Chenai Chaendera has joined forces with upcoming songwriter Elli-ot to release their debut video titled “Titangidze Rudo” that explains how love can be reignited if those who started it want it to work.

The video lauched recently was produced by Simba Tagz with the audio track done by Russel Chiradza popularly known as Russo, and is already making waves on social media networks, television and the audio on local radio stations. In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, the songstress said she and Elli-ot hooked up through their mutual producer.

“I have known Elli-ot through our producer Russel Chiradza who identified both of us earlier this year, he teamed our voices up and the result has been awesome.

This song is about two love birds who are taking every chance to rekindle their love life hence the title ‘Titangidze rudo’ which means let us begin our love”, she said.

The 18-year-old artiste said this is her first video which she thinks will appeal to everyone. “I think my music has taken the right path, working with a producer of Russo’s magnitude has given me all the confidence I want. This is my first video from my second single this year and I am happy that the theme appeals to both the young and the old, I believe people will continue supporting my music after they watch and listen to our song”, she said. Chenai said she is excited about her career progress. “My music is my life and my life is my music, it has been exciting so far and I think I have to maintain the spirit in me. I am going to release a new album soon whose title I am yet to decided on, I will collaborate other local artistes I cannot mention now”, she said.

Elli-ot, real name Elliot Nyakauru, said he is ready to take his career further. “I am quite impressed that the song has already got us a huge following ever since its launch last week, I gly believe that this will aance our careers as upcoming artistes. This prompts me to continue doing more great music until we get to the top”, he said. Elli-ot who is also into filming said he is working towards a new film project. “I am a song writer and as much as I want to sing, I would also want to teach all young people out there the aspects of life through a short film called ‘Music with a heartbeat’. A film I think will tackle issues to do with drug abuse, peer pressure, poverty among other things”, he added.

Russo has endorsed the duet saying their song is completely amazing for young Zimbabwean talent that needs to be looked out for this year. He highlighted that he has major plans for them that will hit the entertainment industry with a bang.

Both Chenai and Elli-ot have released hit singles that made it to local radio’s chat shows and future hits with songs like “Unondidzikamisa Hana” featuring Russo and “Nerudo” both produced by Russo.

Source : The Herald