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Zim dancehall lyricist Tocky Vibez, real name Obey Makamure, faces litigation for reneging on payment agreements for actors appearing in his “Mhai” video.

His image looks set to take a huge battering after he had valiantly tried to dust it up following a media outcry over his hubris which developed within a very short time of achieving fame.

His popularity was largely built on the song “Mhai” in which he promises to always remain close to his mother. But it appears those promises are not bankable, the woman who acts as his mother in the popular video Susan Matara, Ronny Kapeta and a minor who all appeared in the video “Mhai” are at loggerheads with the 22-year-old singer as they are yet to receive their dues almost a year after rendering their services.

Matara, who plays the role of Tocky’s mother, had no kind words for the singer. Popularly known as Mai Gringo from her roles in the “Gringo” films, the actress unreservedly branded Tocky a crook.

“I only bought the idea to act in his video because I felt his work was commendable. I thought it was a noble cause to thank mothers for their roles and since they gave me a short notice I had to leave all my wares and devote my time and skills,” said the vendor.

Mai Gringo said she bought the singer’s story of payment at a later date and even roped in her minor grandchild when Tocky’s crew requested that she bring a child on set.

“My grandchild missed school because of the shoot and I’m sure my son-in-law thinks he got paid but I kept the money for my use.

“Tocky has never bothered to engage us after that and the only person we communicate with is his brother-in-law who informed us that Tocky relocated to Hatfield soon after the video.”

Kapeta said he almost lost his job as a security guard after failing to turn up on time on the night he was shooting the video.

“I never imagined Tocky would do this to us after all our sacrifices. He is a child from our neighbourhood, Rugare, so we thought there was no need for a formal agreement.

“We agreed he would pay according to the success of the video but until now all we have been given is $5 for me and $3 for the others as we have been told that no money was made on the video,” he said in an unsolicited interview with The Herald Entertainment.

Kapeta, who is a renowned actor who has appeared in productions like “Tiriparwendo”, said it was after a relative from the United Kingdom tipped him of the success of the video that they confronted Tocky Vibez.

“Tocky has been evasive for a long time now. We spent months looking for him but two weeks ago, we had no option but to make a report at Rugare police station where he promised to pay us last week upon being summoned. Unfortunately that has not happened and the police have since aised us to approach the civil court,” he said.

Elvis Bokosha, Tocky Vibez’s manager, claimed that all was well between Tocky and the actors.

“I know Tocky has been communicating with those people. They were paid and there are no problems,” he said.

He did not explain how proceeds from the video had been quantified and what percentage had been due to the actors.

Efforts to get Tocky himself on record were fruitless as he referred this reporter back to his manager.

As if all that is not bad enough, Tocky Vibez gave a dismal show at HICC where he was performing at The Sunday Mail Bridal Gala. When Tocky went on stage he appeared to be under the influence and when he tried to sing, nothing came out. People immediately started walking out. He then gave a mediocre attempt over two songs but by the time he moved to the third song the auditorium was almost empty with all people headed for the exits and Tocky gave up midway and left the stage.

Ironically Tocky was recently in the UK where he reportedly “harvested” pounds thrown at him by sold out crowds after stellar performances. Locally Tocky’s star seemed to wane when some audiences overtly rejected him. Tocky failed to keep revellers on their toes at a Mafikizolo show last year.

He was booed off stage and pelted with cans. Later on, he also had a hard time at a couple of other shows including the 21st February Movement Fundraising Gala before Savannah Tobacco uplifted him with an endorsement contract.

Is Tocky’s star about to wane so soon?

Source : The Herald