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Man of the moment Tocky Vibes will next week treat Chiredzi residents to an early Christmas present as he is set to host his first gig in the sugarcane- growing town.

Tocky, born Obey Makamure, has been dominating the county’s musical charts will his fans dotted in all corners of the country expecting his visit for a live performance. He is expected to share the stage with upcoming musicians from Chiredzi when his Chitsanga Hall show roars to life on December 18.

Chiredzi-based dancehall promoter Kenneth “Lazzer O” Dzingai of Swagg Team Family said all is set for the country’s favourite dancehall artiste whose “Ah ah hi hi” chorus has gone viral among the ghetto youths.

Dzingai said Tocky’s show will be supported by rising Chiredzi artistes whose music has been suffering due to lack of exposure. “Tocky Vibes will mark his debut appearance in Chiredzi on the 18th of this month. Everything is in place and nothing will stop fans from enjoying his music as he will be performing live at Chitsanga Hall,” said Dzingai.

Dzingai said those local artistes who have been facing a snub for concentrating their acts in the small town will grasp skills from the Harare-based dancehall artiste who has made it big in the dancehall genre due to his socially conscious songs.

“We have so many young dancehall artistes who are rising from Chiredzi but they are struggling to rise so that their music would be absorbed at national level. This is their platform to see how successful musicians like Tocky are doing it. They will have a share on the stage and I know they won’t let us down,” said Dzingai.

Chiredzi is home to the famous Kuligan and Kalabash who made it into the musical arena after releasing their debut album “The Intro” before their split. Tocky is expected to share the stage with Lib Lee and Juggler among others. Tocky’s manager Bukosi said they are promising fireworks as usual and fans must brace for a top-drawer performance.

“We salute all our fans from across the country who have been patient to wait for Tocky to visit their towns and cities. We are going to Chiredzi and we promise our fans there a good performance like what we have always done,” said Bukosi.

Source : The Herald