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When some local musicians visited Tokwe-Mukosi flood victims at Chigwizi camp at the beginning of the month, they painted a picture of a concerned lot ready to support their own with the immediate possible means.

They sourced a few wares to dignify their visit to the displaced and vulnerable villagers and promised to donate something big as life-changing contribution to the families.

A show was lined up to raise funds for the flood victims, as the musicians had promised, but it was cancelled on the eleventh hour after promoters felt they needed more time to put up the benefit concert. We were told the show would be rescheduled to a proper date, when everything was in place, but it is almost a month since the postponement and nothing has been said about the gig.

Showbiz Mirror is reliably informed that promoters postponed the show partially because some artists had asked for high fees to perform at the show. The musicians had shown their concern for the displaced villagers yet they wanted to get paid to perform at the fundraising concert. It sounds absurd.

Our popular local artistes are still to gather and put something notable in place for the flood victims. Besides being dragged to the camp by a local promoter to see the situation on the ground, it is business as usual for the musicians.

This is an embarrassing scenario considering that Zahara, a South African Musician, came three weeks ago and performed for free to raise funds for Tokwe-Mukosi flood victims.

A few local artists supported her at the show but big names were nowhere near the event.

It took young musician and “Green Ambassador” Dereck Mpofu who is also Goodwill Ambassador for the Water Conservation and Zero Littering Campaign in conjunction with a local promoter to come up with the Zahara show.

Mr Green Ambassador took responsibility to spearhead fundraising for the affected families. Our Red Cross humantarian ambassador Alick Macheso went to the site when his organisation made a donation. He mentioned the issue at a few of his shows and that was all.

It is disheartening to note that among musicians that visited Chigwizi camp were respected singers like Oliver Mtukudzi, Pastor Charles Charamba and Leonard Zhakata.

These musicians should have led by example despite the cancellation of the benefit show that had been set up for local musicians.

Some well-wishers that have never been to Chigwizi are making their contributions to the flood victims in many ways and it would have made more sense to see musicians that have visited the camp taking action to aid the people in need.

The musicians all concurred that there is a touching scenario at Chigiwizi but we are still to see how they were touched. It seems they simply forgot about it as soon as they left the camp. They have not even done a song to register their concerns. Just a song! Where has the spirit that saw many musicians coming together for a song for Nyanga bus disaster of 1991 gone?

Now, Mpofu wants to bring South African musician Lira to raise funds for flood victims in Tsholothso. The young man seems determined to lead by example.

He says he has not engaged popular local musicians because they told him they had their own fundraising shows for the victims. We are still waiting for the shows and we hope our charity bag will not be filled with empty promises.

Musicians and artists in general should know that they are role models. Tuku, Zhakata, Charamba and crew should know that those people at Chigwizi need something more than photographs and autographs.

They were happy to see you for the first time but they are still suffering. They need your real commitment. It should not take a promoter to bring you together for such a cause. You have done so much for charity and you can do better for these suffering people. Why should foreign musicians lead the way in fundraising for our own?

This is our country. These are our people. This is our disaster. Why should you wait for a promoter when you have done your own shows without promoters? Come on guys!

Well, I say well done to young Mpofu but I hope those funds you raised will be delivered to the victims. I know you have not delivered anything yet but I urge you to be trustworthy. I hope you will not take aantage of the needy for selfish gains.

I know the promoter Mpofu is working with has so many weaknesses when it comes to issues that need trust. Please complete the job and do not expose yourselves. “Musazodya zvevapfupi nokureba”.

Source : The Herald