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PROSECUTOR General (PG) Johannes Tomana has insisted that it is his constitutional right to support the ruling Zanu PF party, telling those criticising him to prove that he is biased.

Tomana told a parliamentary committee chaired by MDC-T Jesse Majome that he was entitled to support a political party of his choice and will discharge his duties professionally.

“The question should be when deciding on the prosecution part, the prosecutor general should not be motivated by anything else other than the facts presented by the docket without looking for the political allegiance,” Tomana said.

He added: “I have told those critics who say I have failed to prosecute people with criminal evidence to bring it forward, but none has done so,” he said.

Since his appointment as Attorney-General (AG ) and, subsequently, as the Prosecutor-General late last year, the Tomana has faced criticism from the MDC.

The opposition party accuses him of selectively applying the law by refusing to prosecute Zanu PF supporters while taking hard-line stance on MDC officials, to the extent of denying them bail on frivolous grounds.

But Tomana said the fact that he was appointed the head of Prosecution by the new Constitution which stated that the incumbent AG shall become the PG, means that lawmakers involved in the making of the new supreme law had confidence in him.

“You never interviewed for the post, you never even asked if I wanted the job or not, but you inserted that clause in the constitution so I believe you were very satisfied with my work,” he said.

“Let me respond … you are the people who created this institution called the NPA and, in the constitution, which the two parties drafted, you appoint me, saying the incumbent Attorney General shall be the prosecutor-general from a date of the effectiveness of the constitution,” he told Majome who, ironically, was the spokesperson of the constitutional making team Copac which created the office for Tomana.

Tomana further said he is the acting chief government law aisor as there was no Attorney General to assume that responsibility.

He also challenged those saying he has refused to prosecute Zanu PF chefs to prove their allegations, insisting he fears no one when discharging his constitutional mandate.

“With me, there is nothing called a small fish or a big fish, what I know is a small crime and a big crime and we deal with cases as such,” he said.

Source : New Zimbabwe