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Gogo Chihera, the late Tongai Moyo’s mother has been taken ill. The 93-year-old was diagnosed with a cancerous disease and was admitted at a private hospital in Kwekwe.

Her grandson, Peter Moyo who took over the reigns at Utakataka Express, confirmed that Gogo Chihera had been unwell for sometime.

“She is not feeling well and as I speak we have been referred to specialists in Bulawayo,” said Peter. “She is complaining about her legs and stomach. From what we have gathered from the doctors it looks like she is being treated for a cancer-like disease.”

Last year, Gogo Chihera who was still agile graced Peter’s album launch where she said she was happy that her grandson had shamed critics with the release of his debut.

She was on record as saying there was no difference between Tongai and Peter as the two always looked after her.

She was also reported to have taken Peter to his father’s grave site to perform traditional ritual following the acquisition of two new cars.

“We just hope that she will be fine because she is the one who is behind the family unity since the death of my father,” he said.

Source : The Herald