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Harare City Council is investigating the fraudulent issuance of business licences to companies and individuals by employees in the health department.

Councillors have since ordered that the fraudulently issued business licences be withdrawn and correct procedures be followed before re-issuing of the licences.

The city’s audit manager, Mr Joseph Issa, told the city’s Audit Committee that the name of an employee believed to be part of the scam is now known.

The committee ordered that the Director of Health Services, Dr Prosper Chonzi, delegates the writing of licences to another employee to minimise the risk.

He was also ordered to ensure that business licences have the provision for signatures of the officers who originated and approved licences and that the billing section maintain a register of all business licences created for ease of reference.

According to the Audit Committee minutes of March 11 this year, the employee fingered in the scam would be referred to the Medical Board to ascertain his normalcy.

“That subject to the implementation of the resolution above and in the event that the Medical Board finds the employee suitable for work, that he should be brought before the disciplinary committee to answer charges of issuing business licences unprocedurally,” read part of the committee’s minutes.

The committee referred the matter to the Human Resources and General Purposes Committee.

Mr Issa told the same committee that the receipting system in the department was undesirable due to the absence of network connection with BIQ server among other reasons.

The committee noted that new computer software has to be installed and that the Director of Health Services ensure that staff is trained in using the receipting system. He should also ensure that enough computers are bought and installed at all health care centres.

Source : The Herald