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GOVERNMENT plans to introduce electronic traffic recording and tracking system aimed at curbing corruption by police manning roadblocks on major highways.

The system will also help trace fugitive traffic offenders.

It will see the introduction of a data bank for motorists who violate traffic rules.

In an interview last Friday, Home Affairs permanent secretary Mr Melusi Matshiya confirmed the development saying they were already mobilising funds.

“I cannot give the exact time-frame when the new electronic system to be used by police will be in place but I pray that we secure funding for the exercise very soon so that we join other developed nations that are already using the system.

“Our aim is to make sure that we reduce corruption by our traffic police officers,” he said.

“Under the new system we will have a data bank for all traffic offenders and it will be very easy to trace them and bring them to book. We want to bring accountability and efficiency in the way our traffic system is managed by police,” he added.

Mr Matshiya said under the new system police officers manning major roads will easily be monitored by head office.

“Our goal is to make sure that every cent that is paid by those who break traffic rules will be accounted for. The receipting system for those nabbed for breaking traffic rules will be done electronically but I cannot reveal much about that new system at the moment,” he said.

“We are working tirelessly as the Ministry of Home Affairs so that we have that new system in place as soon as possible.”

Mr Matshiya said police will continue collecting spot fines as they were empowered to do so by the law.

He said it was up to the legislature to come up with a law that prohibits police from collecting spot fines.

“Police are empowered to collect spot fines under our constitution. They will continue doing so until such a time when the law is changed,” he said.

Mr Matshiya said they were complaints by motorists about the high number of roadblocks along the country’s roads.

He said the roadblocks were necessitated by traffic offenders especially kombi drivers.

Source : The Herald