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Moleen Machingura and Bronfenbrenner Torubanda

Workers at a chemical manufacturing company Trinidad Industries have taken to sleeping-in at the workplace in protest over non-payment of their wages. At least 58 workers from the company, which specialises in adhesives, moisture proof membranes, sealants and coatings have been sleeping at the company’s premises for two days to press the company to pay them US$560 000 in wages arrears.

The workers, from the Msasa branch in Harare, are protesting the failure by the company to pay them their salaries over the past three months.

The chairperson of the workers’ committee Mr Mavhuto Mlauzi said they only received US$150 each as payment since the beginning of the year.

“We need money and since January this year we were only paid US$150 each and we do not know how they expect us to survive,” he said.

“We are now leading miserable lives and we want the company to pay us our money.”

On Monday this week, Trinidad Industries management asked workers to go on unpaid leave until June this year as the company was failing to secure raw materials for production.

Mr Mlauzi said four workers have since died after failing to access medical treatment due to non-payment of salaries.

He said children of most of the workers had dropped from school as workers could no longer afford to pay fees for them.

“Some of our members have been ejected from their homes after they failed to pay rent. It’s tough for us and we want the company to pay us so that we can fend for our families,” he said.

Trinidad Industries managing director Mr Clever Boterere declined to comment.

“I cannot answer you pertaining that issue, you have to book for an appointment with me so that we can discuss the matter in detail,” he said.

Source : The Herald