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MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has called on Zimbabweans to “escalate” the political and economic crisis so that government “sees” the urgency in the need to attend to the country’s dire situation.

Tsvangirai was addressing a Workers Day rally organized by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) in Harare, Friday when he appeared to be calling on Zimbabweans to rebel against the Zanu PF government.

“I want to say to you we have to escalate the crisis so that we find a solution to it,” said a vintage Tsvangirai who, of late, seems to be trying hard to reinvent himself into the rabid trade unionist of old.

“Now, it is our responsibility to liberate ourselves and to do that we have to escalate the crisis before we find a solution to the problems confronting our nation,” he said.

The former premier said Zimbabwe is facing both an economic and political crisis.

“The crisis we face is both economic and political. We have declined to take part in all electoral processes because the outcome of such processes will always raise questions as to whether the outcome is a people’s decision or that of an individual.”

Tsvangirai, who was accompanied by his wife Elizabeth, said the aging Zimbabwean leader President Robert Mugabe was responsible for lack of investor confidence in the country.

“We will never build investor confidence in this country when we have a 91- year old leader trying to stay in power forever, assuming the Sadc chairmanship to preside over meetings attended by his grandchildren,” he said, taking a pot shot at Mugabe who last year assumed the chairmanship of regional block Sadc as well as the African Union.

ZCTU President George Nkiwane warned government of massive protests if the authorities ignored a petition the labour movement handed over on 11 March.

Five weeks ago, ZCTU members staged demonstrations throughout the country during which they demanded for fair labour practices from government among other grievances.

“The time of just giving statements is now over and it is our plea to all Zimbabweans that we should rise and fight.

We are expecting government to respond to our petition failure of which would force us to organize another protest, and if they ignore again we will stage more protests or stay in the streets forever,” said Nkiwane.

In 2001, Tsvangirai was reported to have told Mugabe to “please go peacefully or we will remove you violently”, a call that attracted a treason charge.

He was to later call on South Africa to shut-down its boarders with Zimbabwe and cut electricity and fuel supplies to bring down Mugabe’s government.

Source : New Zimbabwe