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OUTSPOKEN MDC-T politician and prodigal son, Job Sikhala on Sunday warned ambitious party activists against prematurely challenging for the party leadership insisting they should take a cue from Morgan Tsvangirai who only started dreaming to become the country’s president at the ripe age of 51.

Sikhala told an MDC-T Africa Day rally at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Harare that party politicians harbouring MDC-T presidential ambitions should allow the veteran opposition leader to test the luxury of State House first before they could make any attempts to stampede him off his post.

The former St Marys legislator also pleaded with the MDC-T faithful to do everything they could to make sure Tsvangirai becomes the country’s president one day.

“Ini naChamisa tichiripwere isu. Chamisa is 35 years, I am 40 years.

“Ndaimuudza Chamisa kuti iwe don’t be worried nevanopaparika kuda kutora power kubva kuna President Tsvangirai (I warned Chamisa not to be worried about those bustling to dethrone Tsvangirai),” Sikhala said to loud cheers from the estimated 10,000 g crowd.

He added: “President Tsvangirai vakatanga kuita contest to become president of this country when he was 51. I am 11 years away pakacontester Tsvangirai kuita president.

“Chamisa is still 21 years away pakucontester president saka ambition yaurikuda kuti uite president urimwana mudoko ndeyekupi iwe. (Tsvangirai started contesting for the country’s presidency at 51. I am 11 years away from that age, Chamisa is 21 years away. So how do you find yourself too ambitious to become president when you are still so young).”

Although Sikhala found Chamisa, who was the afternoon’s director of ceremony, an easy target to stress his point, his remarks appeared to be targeted at MDC-T secretary general and “coup” plotter Tendai Biti.

Even so, Chamisa is also among those accused by the Biti faction of fanning the current divisions in a bid to eliminate potential challengers to the MDC-T leadership.

Sikhala continued: “Saka takati regai timbosesekedza dhara redu iri tichidzidza tichiswedera tirimo tichiwedzera masimba nemhasuro.

“Nguva yedu ichasvika asi we will fight tooth nail and claw kusvika Tsvangirai apinda mu State House (So we found it wiser to support our elder while we prepared ourselves to be in his position one day).”

Ironically, Sikhala started bidding for the national presidency when he broke away from the Arthur Mutambara-led MDC to form his tiny MDC99 at an even younger age.

The rouble-rousing politician went into familiar territory by calling for the forceful removal of President Robert Mugabe whom he accused of misrule and dictatorship.

He likened the veteran leader to deposed Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak and the now late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi who was assassinated 2011 while fighting to repel an armed revolt against his rule.

Sikhala insisted Mugabe was an easier target compared to the two former North African gmen.

Source : New Zimbabwe