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As the drama within the opposition continues to unfold, it confirms what MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai himself said before the July 31 electoral hammering at the hands of Zanu-PF that “whoever will lose this election will go back to their rural home”. Tsvangirai even conjured up images of erstwhile big political actors back in the village herding cattle.

Interestingly, it is increasingly turning out that way for Tsvangirai, especially in light of the schism that has afflicted the opposition party and the loss of confidence in Tsvangirai by his traditional backers in the West and civil society.

His comrades in the “democratic struggle”, as the Western-created opposition wants to christen their venture, have abandoned him and they include even his relatives and “homeboys” such as the Madzore brothers and Toendepi Shonhe.

He has been in a Caesarian “Et tu Brute” mourning lately.

To see Tsvangirai’s back on the grand stage is now inevitable.

Why, and how, will this ignominious exit befall Tsvangirai as he will be reduced to a political pedestrian, away from the world of big politics which is concerned with winning and consolidating governmental power?

Firstly, Tsvangirai has proved to be a weak and inept leader.

The July 31 election disaster was an epic failure specifically for him and his infamous confidants led by Nelson Chamisa.

Chamisa, who has developed a knack for bootlicking Tsvangirai, which he sometimes couches in piousness, was responsible for organising the July 31 catastrophe.

Tsvangirai and his team must face the consequences that come with losing. Not only is Tsvangirai weak but his reputation as a political figure is heavily tainted particularly by his stint in the inclusive Government.

His escapades with women in the high seas, his abuse of governmental and party funds are too damning for continued political existence while his lack of political muscle and acumen further weaken his already compromised political standing.

Secondly, Tsvangirai is surrounded by good-for-nothing sycophantic praise singers and seasoned bootlickers who have no political acumen at all. These include some of the worst political nobodies and failures like Obert Gutu of the abortive Harare mayoral bid, Theresa Makone of the infamous kitchen cabinet Chalton Hwende, who has never won an election Douglas Mwonzora who would do better as a street gang leader and Nelson Chamisa, the famous rhetoricist who continues to say more and more about less and less.

In fact, out of the sorry lot that surrounds Tsvangirai it is Chamisa who stands out above them all.

Not only is Chamisa divisive and politically shallow, he has also distinguished himself as one of the leading hyperbolic praise singers of our time.

He has equated Tsvangirai to the biblical Moses, and then a movie main actor who never dies, and gone on to state that Tsvangirai was chosen by God.

The list of Chamisa’s anecdotes goes on and on.

What makes this flattery very dangerous for Tsvangirai is that given the weak mind that he is burdened with, it quickly overwhelms him and he enters a make believe world of dangerous hallucinations and suddenly believes he is indeed an infallible holy cow.

It is only when he is humiliated through the ballot and is sent packing by shrewd politicians around him that reality strikes hard.

Worse still, Chamisa, while pampering Tsvangirai with praises, takes a heavy dig at his boss in private spaces as evidenced by the infamous WikiLeaks exposures in which he labelled Tsvangirai as a “weak and inept puppet”. Such is the attitude of Chamisa that he is known in party circles as “cobra” and it was him who single-handedly imposed bogus candidates across the country such as Eric Knight and the Giles Mutsekwa while decimating the legitimate MDC structures in the process.

Chamisa’s actions actually stand out as one of the major reasons for the political annihilation that the MDC suffered.

In fact, Chamisa’s election to the post of organising secretary was one of the worst political mistakes made by the MDC.

Chamisa’s best position in a political organisation is that of a party mascot, dressed in all red, complete with a Tsvangirai face and a tail too, singing and dancing and entertaining the rally crowd with his meaningless rhetoric.

Indeed, any political party wishing to participate in modern politics must put as far away as possible such people of uncontrolled and excitable temperament as Chamisa from the political work of organising if they are to survive long.

One could then bring out the point, and again against Tsvangirai, that he has a poor choice of those around him, which Christopher Dell once pointed out.

You cannot have a serious national leader surrounding himself with sycomphants, bootlickers and pimps.

Such a leader is bound to fail fall.

Thirdly, Tsvangirai’s ship is sinking because he has lost national appeal.

Tsvangirai’s greatest undoing is his ability to stick to principles and values of democracy which shot him to political prominence locally and internationally.

Even the international partners who used to support him are at a loss of words at the current mess that he is brewing.

That such a man was once tipped for a Nobel Peace Prize laureate adds to the disbelief.

Tsvangirai may have foretold his demise in his book, “At the Deep End”.

Then, he had not even entered the political waters and now that he is only knee deep into the real and volatile political flood, he is kicking and screaming for survival.

But unfortunately as the tide against him continues to grow and swell, he will be drowned in the political deep end never to emerge again, only appearing in pages of history providing lessons for future politicians on how not to run a political organisation.

Indeed, Tsvangirai must have behaved like the democrat that he claims and honourably step down than to wait for the embarrassment that is clearly on its way.

He must now awaken from his political fantasies of popularity and live up to the nightmare that he is now a baggage not only to the poor women he abused but for the party that he once led.

Source : The Herald