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MORGAN Tsvangirai has faith in local medical expertise and health facilities unlike other political leaders who fly to up-market hospitals outside the country for medical treatment, his MDC-T party said Wednesday.

The dig was clearly directed at President Robert Mugabe who regularly makes costly 16,000 kilometre round trips to Singapore merely for “routine eye check-ups”.

A poorly Tsvangirai failed to attend two high profile rallies organised by the MDC-T in Harare at the weekend.

‘Seriously ill (with a) mental and maybe a nervous breakdown!’, screamed the pro-Zanu PF and Mugabe-supporting State media.

But Tsvangirai’s spokesman dismissed the reports Wednesday, saying the opposition leader was neither seriously ill nor detained at a Harare Hospital.

“Zimbabweans should not panic,” explained Luke Tamborinyoka.

“President Tsvangirai is in fine spirits and will be back to work soon to continue with his mission to bring positive change in the lives of the people of Zimbabwe.”

The MDC-T also released pictures showing the former prime minister apparently relaxing with his wife at the Harare home he used while in government.

Tsvangirai has yet to vacate the property, some eight months after Mugabe named his post-coalition cabinet.

Regarding the weekend no show, Tamborinyoka explained: “On Sunday, his doctors said he was exhausted, a condition the medical experts attributed to overworking.

“They (doctors) immediately ordered him to rest, which made him miss the party’s Africa Day rally in Highfield.

“Since then, he has been resting at his Highlands home, with intermittent visits into the city centre for observation by his doctors.

“After one such visit yesterday, the excitable press has been awash with false news that the former Prime Minister is seriously ill and is admitted at a city hospital.

“But he is recuperating at his Highlands home as we have publicly maintained since Sunday.”

Tamborinyoka said the MDC was always open about its leader’s health.

“More importantly, unlike other political leaders who fly out to up-market hospitals outside the country for medical treatment, President Tsvangirai has exhibited faith in local medical expertise and health facilities,” he added.

“Our doctors and other civil servants are working under very difficult circumstances but President Tsvangirai has retained his faith in their ability to discharge of their duties.”

Mugabe, who turned 90 this year, has attracted criticism for ignoring local hospitals and choosing to travel abroad for what his officials describe as “routine” eye care even as .

Presidential spokesman, George Charamba told the weekly Independent newspaper that government pays for the trips.

“Is he not the president? “The president’s medical bills are taken care of by the government,” Charamba was quoted as saying.

Mugabe travelled to Singapore just before last year’s elections in July. He went back for his annual DecemberJanuary vacation.

He would travel back for a “routine check-up” in February, retuning in time for his birthday celebrations and the wedding of his daughter Bona.

Another “routine check-up” was also this month, with the veteran leader flying out for a week during which he was filmed entering the pricy Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore City which is said to have world class cancer and eye care facilities.

Source : New Zimbabwe