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EMBATTLED MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has hinted at a possible civil suit against the “gutter” State media which Thursday claimed he sneaked out of a private Harare hospital to dodge his bills.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka on Thursday came out guns blazing at the State media which has led frenzied reportage around the ex-premier’s ailment.

Tamborinyoka was also up in arms with hospital staff who allegedly connived with police and journalists to stage a Paparazzi style vigil on the upmarket health institution as it emerged Tsvangirai was admitted at the facility.

Tamborinyoka went on to produce a receipt which indicated his boss paid a total of $4 358,53 for receiving treatment for exhaustion caused by his strenuous time table.

“We wish to set the record straight for the benefit of millions of Zimbabweans who have been at the mercy of some yellow journalism from The Herald, the ZBC and other sections of the press over the last few days,” Tamborinyoka said.

“Zimbabweans woke up today to the news that President Tsvangirai has fled a medical institution without paying his bills.

“For the record, President Tsvangirai left hospital around 1100hrs and his bill was paid about an hour later at 1200hrs in line with the agreement reached with hospital authorities.

His total bill of $4 358, 53 was paid and we take great exception to the reckless journalism that is claiming he has not paid.”

The Herald Thursday splashed caricature images of a barefooted Tsvangirai, still putting on hospital garb, stealing out of the hospital in the fashion of a schoolboy trying to evade a strict principal.

But Tamborinyoka said his boss left the hospital with the full knowledge of hospital staff through the VIP exit.

“He was wearing his suit and we therefore take umbrage at the front page picture in The Herald which demeans the former Prime Minister of the country as if he sneaked from the hospital barefoot and in hospital garb,” said Tamborinyoka.

“We have a problem with the hospital staff, some of whom apparently connived with the police and some sections of the media to undermine the reputation of Mr Tsvangirai.

“As we have said, Mr Tsvangirai has not flown out of the country, as others do, to seek medical assistance from Singapore. He has retained his faith in local medical expertise and local institutions.

“For that faith in local institutions, he is repaid by malicious lies and concocted drama, including a police report for a bill that has been paid.

“There appears to be emerging a grand coalition to attack the Morgan Tsvangirai brand at the expense of the real characters who are at the centre of the national crisis a crisis that includes a severe liquidity crunch, an economy in turmoil and a government that is failing to even pay its own workers.

“Instead of focusing on key issues, the gutter press has sought to concoct lies around the person of Morgan Tsvangirai.”

Tamborinyoka mulled a possible suit against the State media for the misrepresenting issues around his boss’s surprise ailment.

“President Tsvangirai has spoken to his lawyer about the malicious reports around all these issues,” he said.

Meanwhile, outspoken Tsvangirai ally Job Sikhala said in a while ranging interview with NewZimbabwe.com Tsvangirai was justified in leaving the hospital in a huff after it was apparent his life was in danger even in the care of trusted hospital personnel.

“He was justified,” Sikhala said.

“The Herald was having a 24 hour vigil, the security services knew where he was, so it was a danger and a risk for him to stay a minute longer in that hospital he could have been injected and poisoned and died there.

“The interest of the State security agents and also the Herald was astonishing.”

Source : New Zimbabwe