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MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai will not be tempted to judge disgraced ally turned arch-rival Elton Mangoma for his alleged love scandal, the former prime minister’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said Saturday.

Mangoma, who is treasurer with the breakaway MDC Renewal Team, is in the eye of the storm for snatching a 20 year old wife of a party youth leader Believe Tevera.

The former energy minister triggered the MDC-T’s split last year when he demanded Tsvangirai’s immediate resignation for allegedly damaging the main opposition’s brand through love scandals.

“Mr Tsvangirai is not thinking about Mr Mangoma,” Tamborinyoka said, after NewZimbabwe.com asked about Tsvangirai’s thoughts on his former aide’s recent misfortunes.

“Mr Tsvangirai’s preoccupation at the moment is Zimbabwe and its precarious position. Mr Mangoma is not the issue in this country whatever his misfortunes and whatever issues around him.”

Mangoma fell out with the ex-premier early last year after penning a gly worded letter accusing his boss of a slew of offences among them failure to invent effective strategies to remove Zanu PF from power and visiting violence on party rivals.

His bravado earned him a bashing by party youths aligned to Tsvangirai at Harvest House last year, putting fuel to what was already an impending split by the beleaguered party.

The former MDC legislator was last week chocked by his own words when a youth in his new party exposed the businessman’s love scandal with his wife, one Yemurai Maravanyika.

As fate would have it, Mangoma allegedly also took a few blows from the enraged husband after being cornered at a party HQ in Harare’s Eastlea suburb.

But Tsvangirai has chosen to look sideways, saying he would not kick a man lying down.

“The issue at the moment is the precarious political and economic situation of this country. And that is preoccupying the mind of Mr Tsvangirai,” said Tamborinyoka.

“The poverty – the sorry state of the people of Zimbabwe that is what he is worried about. Issues to do with bringing the country back to legitimacy through free, fair and legitimate elections.

“We don’t want to elevate Mangoma and his issues. Never mind the history around Mr Mangoma and his memoirs. It is up to the people of Zimbabwe to judge Mr Mangoma and his issues.”

Source : New Zimbabwe