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It is worrisome that the embattled MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, continues to cause havoc in his own party due to autocratic rule. One cannot deny that democracy is long dead in Tsvangirai’s party.Recently, the embattled leader visited his party members in Manicaland Province, where he has been fingered in fuelling factionalism. Reports have it that Tsvangirai presided over a meeting with the party provisional leadership in which some of the senior officials were barred from attending.

How can Tsvangirai bar his senior party officials from a meeting? Don’t they contribute meaningfully to your discussions to move the party forward?

It was reported that all those party officials who fell out of favour with the party’s provincial leader, David Chimhini, were not allowed to attend the meeting after they were accused of failing to recognise the party structures.

Tsvangirai sided with Chimhini and did not to quell the chaos.

Tsvangirai’s dictatorship has caused a lot of fissures in his party. Since its inception in 1999, the MDC has been splitting because of Tsvangirai’s dictatorial ruling. In Bulawayo province, it is said that MDC-T deputy leader Thokozani Khupe is on the verge of losing her political career after she challenged her master, Tsvangirai, on the issue of boycotting the June 10 by-elections.

It is a democratic right of every citizen to participate in any elections. However, MDC-T officials and supporters are being deprived of their citizens’ rights to cast their votes by their leader. It is a fact that Tsvangirai doesn’t want anyone who can challenge his position.

For Tsvangirai, democracy is easy in words than in application. A dictator’s first task is to make what he wants popular, bringing the will of the majority in tune with his own will.

Most people were labouring under the assumption that the MDC-T party stood for democracy, a gross misconception. When it comes to democracy, Tsvangirai should be ashamed of himself. Instead, the man should reconsider going back to the drawing board and research more on the qualities of a good leader. As it stands, Tsvangirai’s behaviour is far removed from the characteristics of an aspiring leader.

In his little efforts to rule Zimbabwe, Tsvangirai is going around like a headless chicken, to the amusement of many. Recent reports have it that Tsvangirai is threatening to stage mass protests. This man persistently uses mass protests as a drawcard to his campaigning strategy.

Mass protests will not resolve anything and history has proven that point time and again. Zimbabweans should therefore refuse to be fooled by this hopeless, power-hungry man. Making public threats to destabilise the economy should not be tolerated.

Tsvangirai borrowed his authoritarian skills from his friends in the Western world. It is true when they say “turning a blind eye to repression is both wrong and counter-productive”. As responsible citizens, MDC-T party members should stop being abused by their leader. They should be able to air their views and be heard. Denying people their basic rights does not preserve stability. In fact, it does the opposite.

No wonder the MDC-T leader has been hit with financial sanctions by its traditional donors, the Westerners. The Western countries who used to fund Tsvangirai have realised that the man is bankrupt of constructive ideas that can remove President Mugabe and the ruling party from power.

In his battle to topple President Mugabe from power, Tsvangirai has now been aised by the Westerners to partner with the former Vice President, Dr Joice Mujuru.

But the big question now is, under which banner?

The truth is, Tsvangirai’s opposition party lacks war credentials. This is the reason why the Westerners are pushing for Tsvangirai to unite with Dr Mujuru. Tsvangirai should therefore read between the lines. His flirtation with politics is long over worse if he capitulates to become Dr Mujuru’s deputy as desired by the donors.

Actually, he is caught in a Catch-22 if he joins Mujuru, his supporters are sure to abandon him because Dr Mujuru is known for her serious allegations of corruption and subversion.

If he doesn’t, donations won’t be forthcoming. Actually, voters should be spared having to vote for the proposed united party where the dumb will be leading the blind. Which begs the question what makes the Western world think that a g party will be formed by uniting Tsvangirai and Mujuru? Such a union has nothing to offer the people of Zimbabwe.

Source : The Herald