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Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s so-called diplomatic offensive to the USA in a move to tell Americans about the problems that are taking place here leaves a lot to be desired.

It is surprising why Tsvangirai would rush to the USA with the issue of the alleged disappearance of Itai Dzamara as well as the deterioration of the economic situation in the country as if the Americans have got some solutions to all those issues. Americans have their own problems and they are good at solving them without outside interference, hence, Tsvangirai should be aware that he is offside on that trip.

The move taken by Tsvangirai to rush to the USA, on the disappearance of Itai Dzamara, raises a lot of questions than answers. People cannot rule out that the MDC-T is behind Dzamara’s disappearance. The sudden departure of Tsvangirai, to the USA with a message of the economic problems due to the illegal sanctions which the MDC-T called for, gives credence that the MDC-T has a hand on the disappearance of Dzamara.

After spending his time in the country for quite some time with nothing to take outside Zimbabwe, the MDC-T leader, Tsvangirai, and his party could have hatched a plan to abduct Dzamara so that he gets something to take to the USA and other western countries.

It is clear that the disappearance of Dzamara could be linked to opposition political leaders in the country who want to shut off his quick political standing and the MDC-T leader is not exceptional. Why would a senior person like him rush to where he is not invited instead of having his time in the country helping with ideas on how Dzamara could be found?

History has shown that the MDC-T is known for creating chaos in the country in order to invite international attention and the disappearance of Dzamara could be one of MDC-T’s shenanigans of inviting international attention.

Tsvangirai’s so-called diplomatic offensive is a non-event as it is just a move to seek relevance to the international community as he is now facing his political demise since his short lived sojourns in government during the non functional government of national unity (GNU).

The recent international and local news that indicated that donors were no longer in favour of Tsvangirai to lead Zimbabwe and now are seeing Zanu-PF carrying on at the helm of the country could be sending shock-waves to the MDC-T.

The fact that Tsvangirai thinks that only the western countries could be having keys to unlock his doors into State House, makes him to always rush to the western countries whenever a problem exists in the country. While everyone was thinking that he would join the government in searching and trying to find out Dzamara’s whereabouts, Tsvangirai had other plans.

It is true that, Dzamara’s disappearance is a concern to many Zimbabweans and as such people are praying that he should be found. So for a national leader, like Tsvangirai, to dramatise Dzamara’s disappearance and take that as an opportunity to bring his political fortunes into the limelight is unfortunate.

Instead of flying outside the country to the USA, with his briefcase full of false reports, Tsvangirai could have joined the Government and other responsible authorities in search of Dzamara.

In actual fact, the Government was clear on the disappearance of Dzamara when Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, told the parliament recently that the government was pained by Dzamara’s disappearance, hence, no stone would be left unturned until Dzamara is found.

VP Mnangagwa’s statement was clear and straightforward in that Dzamara’s disappearance was now the state’s concern hence there is no need for anyone to personalise a national problem.

As such, no sane person would rush to the USA and other western countries to say that the Dzamara issue has something to do with the government when the same Government is frantically trying its level best to find where Dzamara is.

Such behaviour by Tsvangirai and whoever is funding his journeys makes the ordinary people to conclude that the MDC-T thrives in the suffering of other people and then steals the show for its political expedience.

For that reason, Tsvangirai’s so called diplomatic offensive to western countries is a non-event which must be dismissed with the contempt that it deserves.

Source : The Herald