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GOVERNMENT will not move to evict former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai from his Highlands mansion to make way for the homeless Vice President (VP) Phekelezela Mphoko.

Accommodating the Mphoko in the MDC-T leader’s home would be tantamount to demeaning the VP, Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa told parliament on Wednesday.

Mnangagwa was responding to a question by Zanu PF legislator Kindness Paradza who sought an explanation from him as leader of the house if it was government policy for the ex-premier to remain ensconced in state property when a serving VP was homeless.

The Makonde MP said the public was very concerned Mphoko’s hotel bills were chipping away at the tax payers’ money when the state had the ease of throwing out the opposition MDC-T leader to make way for the VP.

“I went through the country’s constitution and never came across any clause which says that when a leader has ceased to be a government official, they can continue living at the state’s benevolence,” Paradza said in Shona.

“Is it government policy that a former government official can continue staying in a government house, for free on top of it?”

But in his response, Mnangagwa chose to be disdainful suggestion Mphoko was a top government official who deserved better.

“Muhurumende munemazero. Vatungamiri vanogara nemazero avo. Imba yemkuru wenyika ndeyemkuru wenyika. Yevatevedzeri inezero rayo (Government leaders are accorded their due respect and a senior government official would accordingly be allocated a house that befits their status.”

Mnangagwa continued in Shona: “The Prime Minister is third in that line of order. It is taboo for the second in charge to be found occupying a residence meant for the third. That is the position.”

Mphoko, who hails from Bulawayo, was appointed Vice President in December last year and has been staying in a hotel for the past three months.

His wife courted controversy recently when she reportedly rejected many properties the couple was being offered by government saying they were not befitting of their stay.

Mnangagwa said his co-VP’s accommodation worries were nearing an ending and would soon take occupation of a house he said was near completion.

“Vice President Mphoko’s house is still being renovated. When painting is complete, he will occupy it,” he said.

“The Vice President cannot occupy a house which was meant for the former prime minister.”

Tsvangirai’s continued occupation of a property he is said to have acquired through government assistance has invited scorn from his erstwhile comrades in the opposition MDC who feel he was compromising himself by enjoying Mugabe’s generosity.

Source : New Zimbabwe