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MORGAN Tsvangirai is comatose to the disturbing and misleading ploy of the elite behind the false and fraudulent regime change agenda that has evidently been on the table since the inception of the Movement for Democratic Change fifteen years ago.

This is an external grand-master plan fronted by naiumlve novices of the local opposition ranks, an agenda that was convincingly dismantled in the last general elections yet it remains stealthily and solidly sound in pending postponement. A deplorable and disturbingly dark agenda that was totally toppled when the smooth revolutionary collectiveness freely, fluidly and fairly freewheeled past the opposition formations with convincing flawlessness. The level of excellence was unmatched, could only be defined as refined and reflective.

But then Morgan Tsvangirai’s unhealthy obsession with Rhodesia is expected of a man of such starry-eyed inclination and uninspiring nation-building track-record. Here is the man who aspires to be at the helm of Zimbabwe, leading the downtrodden and economically-deprived people towards economic prosperity and emancipation. Yet all Tsvangirai wants for all Zimbabweans in a return to the ‘good old Rhodesian days’ when he used to be left paralytic on his bosses’ brew for one Rhodesian dollar for five beers. This is the man the opposition ranks in Zimbabwe have tasked with the tall order of leading Zimbabweans towards the final destination of total economic emancipation.

Here is a man who aocated for the criminal economic sanctions that have ravaged the Zimbabwean spirit and contributed significantly to the economic problems currently afflicting the country. A national burden that could have been avoided had Tsvangirai and his local opposition formations not aocated for these devastating economic sanctions that have caused so much distress and destruction for the people of Zimbabwe.

But then Tsvangirai is only of humbly modest education and finite intellect, heedless of the counterproductive nature of his association with groups and individuals who have very specific ideas about a Zimbabwe where the status quo of ownership should have remained undisturbed. What we have in Tsvangirai is a man who is prepared to put Zimbabwe on the open neo-colonial hub to realise his dream of going back to the days of the one dollar for five Rhodesian brews. It is mindboggling why some Zimbabweans are willing to entrust their futures with such flawed opposition politics. What exactly will Tsvangirai and his dysfunctional opposition ranks offer to the people of Zimbabwe who have been through so much economic trauma?

Tsvangirai’s legion of shortcomings are indeed a precise reflection of this unhealthy preoccupation with the one dollar for five bottles of Rhodesian beer, his yearning for the neoliberal hand that firmly holds him and his heavily self-compromised sense of national duty and pride. There is urgent need for self-introspection and Tsvangirai to start putting this country ahead of his senseless and headless quest for the top job in Zimbabwe whatever it takes. The man proudly recalled the good old Rhodesian days with nostalgia and, with no shame, confidently spoke of the days when the indigenous Zimbabweans were mere labours on farms and in the mines.

There is a condition called the Stockholm syndrome, which is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors to the point of defending them. The victims become emotionally attached to their captors. Tsvangirai clearly presents symptoms indicative of this syndrome. He has gleefully and willingly associated with the former captors of this country, those who have historically relegated the indigenous people of Zimbabwe to the margins of the country’s economic core.

Here is a man who would gladly reverse the highly successful land reform in Zimbabwe to appease those who hold his hand. The former captors have enlisted the free services of the likes of Tsvangirai by funding and propelling them to the dizzy heights of political prominence. Some within the opposition ranks actually began to believe they were serious nation builders. Some were earmarked for the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ and even honoured with The French Legion of Honour Awards. All for the preservation of the status quo and privileges of pre-1980. A pact to defend the Rhodesian cause.

This may sound harsh but there are indications of a low self-esteem and an inferiority complex. These are the same victims who wined and dined with former Selous Scouts and other ‘international’ elite circles, golfing in the South of France, guest of honour at Rhodesian Commemorations and shunning Zimbabwean Independence commemorations yet are found in Normandy commemorating poppy day.

Tsvangirai needs to seriously start reflecting on his personal indiscretions and not defend those who challenge the immorality at whatever opportunity he gets. During a recent address to dwindling party supporters at the Bulawayo Small City Hall, Tsvangirai was up in arms against renewal faction leaders Tendai Biti and Sipepa Nkomo over their own respective romantic transgressions. It is quite disheartening that the only defence he has for the ruinous ramifications of his womanising ways is a childish tit-for-tat public spat with his erstwhile collaborators.

Instead of this pathetic self-preservation stance Tsvangirai as a national leader must fully take responsibility for his individual infidelities. Tsvangirai totally deserves the backlash he got for his multiple girlfriends and the unashamed stance on his numerous ‘open-zip, shut-mind’ moments, the sanctions which his party aocated for and his dubious associations with those who have deadly agenda against Zimbabwe.

Source : New Zimbabwe