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Confusion surrounds Zim Got Talent show, which was launched last year by the Chinese Federation of Zimbabwe in conjunction with ZLG, after another organisation identified as Ke Nako Media popping up on Monday claiming to be the legitimate owners of the show.

Last year, the Chinese Federation of Zimbabwe came up with an iniative that was meant to uplift Zimbabwean talent from grassroots level and named it Zim Got Talent which saw 21-year-old Divine Chitubura being crowned the winner at the finals in October last year.

Now, Ke Nako Media claims they have the rights to use the name Zim Got Talent.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Ke Nako media’s public relations official Samantha Thodhlana refused to shed more light on the issue saying details would be released in due course.

“I cannot say much at the moment but for now you can refer to a our Press statement released earlier,” she said.

Part of the statement reads: “Ke Nako Media are proud to announce that we shall be bringing the official Zimbabwe’s Got Talent TV series format to Zimbabwe this year.

“Ke Nako Media will be the official franchise licence holders of Zimbabwe’s Got Talent and later on Zim Idols which are licensed by the format owners Fremantle Media and Syco TV: who are the original owners of the above formats (Got Talent amp Idols). These companies are also producers of the TV shows Britain’s Got Talent, X-Factor, American’s Got Talent, American Idols and many other international television programmes,.”

On the other hand, Chinese Federation of Zimbwbwe spokesperson Rumbidzai Matinanga said they do not have any problem if there was another group claiming the name Zim Got Talent saying what was important to them was to identify Zimbabwean talent.

“Let it be known that we are not fighting for a name, we are not registered under the name Zim Got Talent but what we did was to get clearance from National Arts Council to use the name.

“We were told that the name was not being used by anyone or any organisation and we decided to give it a try basing on the people’s response. Fortunately, the response was overwhelming and we were planning to register it but if there is someone who is registered under the same name then we will just change ours a bit but we are continuing with our initiative of identifying talent and nurturing it,” she said.

Chinese Federation of Zimbabwe deputy chairman Zivanai Zhau also said they are continuing with their talent search show.

“We are continuing with our programme and if the need arises pertaining the name we used last year, we will simply change it but we are not going to stop the initiative we started,” he said.

Source : The Herald