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Despite a health setback that affected one of his shows recently, music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi is going g and has lined up several shows in Victoria Falls, Masvingo and Mutare this weekend. Recently, the katekwe singer failed to perform alongside Ringo in Bulawayo due to ill health. Yesterday, Mtukudzi’s manager Sam Mataure said the illness was caused by the change of weather as they had travelled from an international tour.

“There was nothing much. It is only that we had just come from a tour, so change of conditions affected him but now he is fit and we have been performing,” said Mataure.

He said the musician was getting ger and fans should look forward to energetic shows from Tuku, who is an internationally acclaimed artiste.

Tomorrow, Mtukudzi will share the stage with Peter Moyo at The Platinum in Mutare. Mataure said they will use a full band for the show.

“It is a year now since we last performed at that venue and we are well prepared to meet our fans in Mutare,” he said.

At the show, Mtukudzi is expected to play songs from his recent album “Mukombe Wemvura”.

The album, which is one of the biggest offerings of 2014 has songs “Feso” and “Dzinga Hwema” that have been popular in most public places.

On the other hand, the Young Igwe is expected to give a splendid show.

His manager Sukol Dube said it was a great opportunity for them to take some notes from the superstar.

“It is a desire for every artiste to share stage with the superstar and to us this is one of our biggest shows this year,” he said.

Show promoter Esau Mupfumi said all has been set for the show.

“We have set everything for the show and we are happy that we will be having the giants this week,” he said.

Tonight the venue hosts Alick Macheso and Nicholas Zakaria.

Macheso and Zakaria will jointly perform in Mutare, Chipinge, Chisumbanje, Chiredzi and Gutu.

The giant collaboration came at a time Zimbabweans have passionately requested the duo to revert to their heyday under the banner of the Khiama Boys.

Madzibaba yesterday confirmed that the plan has already been cemented and it will go a long way to endear them, with the fans.

“We are performing in Mutare tomorrow (tonight). We have a line-up of shows which will be of classic performances. I hope we have answered the will of our fans by taking them down memory lane of the old days of Khiama Boys,

“Our company (with Macheso) is a vibrant collaboration of sungura. We have been receiving standing ovations in the sungura industry and we have decided to unite for a good cause of uniting Zimbabweans through music,” said Madzibaba.

He said they will sample the oldies such as “Mabvi Nemagokora”, “Ndine Mubvunzo” and “Ruregerero” among others.

Source : The Herald