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Two Harare families are in a feud over the paternity of a baby boy which they claim to have been stolen by a stranger last year. The baby is at Shungu Dzevana Trust Children’s Home in Hatfield. National Director of Shungu Dzevana Trust Sister Mercy Mutyambizi confirmed the dispute which she said was being handled by the police.

“The baby was taken for DNA tests yesterday to ascertain his paternity, but I cannot make further comments as the issue is being handled by the police,” she said.

No comment could be obtained from the police yesterday.

Sources said Mrs Natasha Chako of Unit M, Chitungwiza had her one-month-old baby stolen in June last year at Harare Central Hospital.

An unknown woman who talked to her at the hospital offered to carry the baby because Mrs Chako was too weak.

The stranger led Mrs Chako to the city centre, saying she wanted to meet someone to get money before she disappeared with the baby and she eventually made a police report.

Source : The Herald