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FINANCE Minister Patrick Chinamasa has said the government needs about $100 million to refurbish the Beitbridge border post to international standards.

The minister said the government was working towards engaging the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) to fund the project.

“Beitbridge being the busiest entry point in southern Africa continues to be a major bottleneck to the smooth flow of traffic, both goods and people due to inadequate facilities.

“However upgrading of the infrastructure at the border post is estimated to cost about $100 million,” Chinamasa said.

The redevelopment of Beitbridge will encompass the upgrading of the road network to and from the bridge, perimeter fencing and gate control infrastructure, parking areas, commercial centre and staff accommodation.

It will also include the weighbridge, upgrading the communication and security systems, lighting systems, computerisation of the border post and construction of a new bridge among others.

The project also includes the implementation of measures to strengthen the collaboration between the South African Revenue Service and the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority through the harmonisation of customs systems and procedures at the border post.

Chinamasa said the implementation of the project would be in line with the objectives of the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation which includes infrastructure rehabilitation and development, employment creation and poverty eradication.

“Our economy is currently facing enormous challenges including tight liquidity conditions, declining production levels, limited lines of credit, high cost of capital and rising formal unemployment,” said Chinamasa.

He said there was urgent need to refurbish and upgrade the country’s border posts, rail and road infrastructure to keep up with international standards.

Chinamasa said the National Railways of Zimbabwe, with financial support from the Development Bank of South Africa, conducted a study in 2012 which concluded that the railway company required priority investment of $442 million in the short term and $1,9 billion in the long run to rehabilitate and upgrade the railway network and signalling communications equipment.

Source : New Zimbabwe