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Chitungwiza Central Hospital is expected to build a US$250 million state-of-the-art hospital which will replace the current facility and benefit people of Chitungwiza and surrounding areas who cannot afford treatment at private health in- stitutions.

The building of the new hospital, which will have 11 floors, is expected to start next year and is funded partly by Government.

After completion, Chitungwiza Central Hospital would offer five-star treatment to its patients, with a private wing and public wing.

Cancer patients would also be admitted at the hospital with a landing pad for helicopters.

Critical wards such as the dialysis unit, intensive care unit and theatres are other features expected at the new hospital.

The new Chitungwiza Central Hospital’s second floor is also expected to have a garden hospital so that its staff can rest during tea and lunch breaks.

Speaking during a familiarisation tour of the hospital by Avenues Clinic staff held recently, chief executive officer for Chitungwiza Central Hospital Dr Obadiah Moyo said plans were in place to build the 11-storey building which would offer services at affordable cost.

“We are trying to create a five-star hospital for the socially disaantaged patients,” he said.

“We are doing it for those who do not afford bills charged by private hospitals. We have to be innovative.”

Dr Moyo said a partner pledged to build two storeys of the new hospital.

“Papers for building the new hospital have since been sorted out and Government will be involved at all levels of the project,” he said.

Dr Moyo said the current hospital structure could not accommodate the demands of patients raising the need for building a new hospital that accommodates more patients.

He said Chitungwiza Central Hospital served at least three million people from Chitungwiza and surrounding areas.

Renovations to some of Chitungwiza Central Hospital’s wards which started in 2010 has been com- pleted.

Dr Moyo said that refurbishment had been done to the mortuary which previously accommodated less than 20 bodies and now has a carrying capacity of 40 bodies.

A medical village would also be built for Chitungwiza Central Hospital’s staff complement of 1 600 that include 546 nurses, 90 doctors and medical students.

Source : The Herald