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A Chitungwiza man, who takes his meals at work and does not buy food for his family at home, yesterday left the court in shock after he offered us$1 as maintenance per child for his three minor children. Anyway Gonzo told Chitungwiza Civil Court magistrate Ms Marehwanazvo Gofa that as a brick moulder he had fallen on hard times.

This was after he was taken to court by his wife Spiwe Sibanda seeking us$150 for the upkeep of their children aged one, three and seven.

“I am a brick moulder and business is not viable these days as people are no longer building houses as they used to do,” said Gonzo.

“The reason being that illegal structures are being demolished and now I realise between $10 and $15 per month after selling bricks and I am willing to offer $1 per month for each child.”

Gonzo tried to seek the court’s mercy saying he was already providing his family food, school feels and clothes.

But Sibanda said Gonzo was lying since he did not support his family.

“Your Worship, he is lying,” she said.

“He comes home with some money bragging that he would not give me any. He eats at his workplace and does not care if his children eat or not. If I ask him to give me some money, he beats me up.”

After hearing arguments from both parties, Ms Gofa ruled that Gonzo pays us$25 per child starting this month.

Source : The Herald