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CONTROVERSIAL State Procurement Board (SPB) executive chairman Charles Kuwaza has made sensational claims he was targeted in a systematic plot to end his life by suspected State agents.

Kuwaza was Tuesday splashed in the state controlled Herald newspaper after he allegedly took home up to $400,000 in terms of benefits since dollarization 2009 and evading tax.

He is also said to be among a list of mega earning executives who are being trailed by the taxman after they were manipulating information around their salaries.

Pressed to reveal his perks, Kuwaza refused to disclose his perks to the press saying this would be a violation of the Income Tax Act.

Kuwaza insisted he could only share information about his salary with the “head of state and government” as was dictated by the cited law.

Instead, Kuwaza chose to play victim and straight away flew into a tangent saying he has, since 2005, been the target of an attempt to both character assassinate him and at worst, kill him.

In one incident back in 2010, he says, he was unknowingly made to take poisoned food and subsequently condemned to a hospital bed for a week.

“On November 18 2010 l was poisoned at a luncheon and l was lucky to survive. It took a full week to recover,” he said.

“On November 27 2010, l noted that the vehicle l was driving, which had just come from regular service, had been tempered (sic), with all the coolant removed. I was lucky to avoid a nasty accident.”

Kuwaza said he was, then, being suspected of allegedly siding with former Finance Minister and MDC-T deployee to the unity government Tendai Biti, who was fighting in a bitter war to dislodge former central bank governor Gideon Gono.

His other alleged crime was abusing tender procedures.

In an email response to the newspaper story on Tuesday seen by NewZimbabwe.com, Kuwaza said if being targeted for investigation on spurious fraud allegations was a “world cup” competition, he would undoubtedly scoop the award.

“I can also tell you that, if there was a World Championship for ‘BEING INVESTIGATED’, l would be close to getting the ‘GOLD MEDAL’!!” said Kuwaza in email response to the Herald’s Lloyd Gumbo, author of the Tuesday story.

Kuwaza proceeds to say he has been framed a number of times by his enemies and was, at one time, suspected of conniving with a certain influential politician to abuse tender procedures to meet certain political objectives.

He said State agents have been watching his movements since the time he was central bank deputy governor because of his perceived close communication with Biti.

“Clearly, matters of security became particularly worrisome especially in view of the fact that my 13 year son was kidnapped in December 1997 in unclear circumstances, only to be returned on New year’s day in January 1998 after three days in the wilderness,” he said.

“Unfortunately, many journalists have succumbed to the BROWN ENVELOP SYNDROME and can neither report truthfully or fairly. It appears those with resources can sponsor any journalist to malign well-meaning Public Officials without facing any disciplinary measures…”

What sparked the claims by Kuwaza was a Herald story which alleged he drew obscene amounts of money in terms of benefits.

Since 2009, Kuwaza — by virtue of being executive chairperson of the SPB — was entitled to allowances for domestic workers, house repairs and maintenance, telephones, security, entertainment, electricity and water.

He was also entitled to fumigation, Internet and fuel allowances as well as board fees.

Kuwaza also benefited from housing repairs and maintenance since 2009, when he was entitled to about US$14,000 per year.

The figure came down to about US$6 000 in 2010, before going up to US$21,000 in 2011.

The allowance came down to about US$17,000 in 2012, but shot to around US$147,000 last year, as he got a monthly average of about US$12,000 for that purpose.

His total yearly allowances for 2009 were about US$30,000, came down to about US$25,000 in 2010, before rising to about US$60,000 in 2011.

In 2012, he got about US$67,000, before receiving up to US$210,000 in allowances last year alone.

In 2013, Kuwaza was given US$11,000 in fuel allowances, US$18,000 for security, about US$6,500 for electricity and water, and US$5,500 for entertainment.

He also got US$5,200 for domestic workers, about US$2 500 for Internet, US$2 500 for telephones and US$1 500 for fumigation. Kuwaza was also paid about US$10 000 in board fees that year.

Source : New Zimbabwe