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The United States, the European Union and their Western media embeds have been slammed for their failure to condemn the killing of hundreds of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip by Israeli Defence Forces over the past two weeks.The silence, that was only broken by United Nations secretary general Mr Ban Ki-moon yesterday who described the attack as an “atrocious action” and called for an immediate end to the Israeli bombardment, has continued despite revelations by UN bodies in Gaza that over 70 percent of the fatalities are civilians of which over 100 were children.

Israeli forces yesterday shelled a hospital where the injured were recuperating, killing more civilians bringing the death toll to over 500 dead and over 3 000 injured.

Despite this, there was still no condemnation of Israel’s actions by the US and its allies, with US president Barack Obama who was on record supporting the Israeli offensive only urging a ceasefire as if the residents of Gaza were at war with their assailants.

Political analysts and diplomats yesterday noted that the Western media would have been vocal if such killings had occurred in Zimbabwe or any of the countries that do not toe the western line.

This comes as the death toll rose yesterday to at least 514, as the UN Security Council convened an emergency meeting at the request of Jordan.

Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo condemned the violence in the Gaza Strip, saying diplomacy should be the guiding principle in any conflict.

“We are opposed to violence that is taking place in the Middle East,” he said.

“The silence by the West did not come as a shock to us because we used to see that during our war of liberation where we were labelled as terrorists. We say that diplomacy should take centre stage.”

Palestinian ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Hashem Dajani condemned the US for its apparent support of Israel which he said was killing defenceless women, children and the elderly.

“We don’t understand how the Americans would give support to Israel on the basis that it was for self defence, but ignore the same rights to the Palestinians,” he said.

“Unfortunately, this is despite the fact that they pretend to respect and honour human rights and values. We know that this is not true. We call upon the international community and people of conscience to stand up and stop the Israelis from this criminal bloodshed against civilians and innocent lives.”

Israel, said Mr Dajani, would not embark on such a massive aggression without the backing of high powered countries like the US.

“We consider this action as a blatant war crime before the eyes of the entire international community,” he said “There is urgent need for all countries to take their responsibilities seriously and intervene to save lives and stop the violation. I consider the situation in Gaza as a deliberate massacre of innocent lives.”

A diplomat who preferred anonymity said the Western media and the US would have called for drastic action if such killings had occurred in Zimbabwe.

“The US and EU had a deep seated interest in Zimbabwe and would not afford to miss any opportunity that discredits Harare,” said the diplomat.

“On the case of Palestine, they cannot be seen condemning the killings because they support Israel.”

European Union head of mission in Zimbabwe Mr Aldo Dell”Ariccia declined to comment yesterday, saying he was waiting for an official statement from Brussels, the headquarters of the Western bloc even though the bombardment was being televised on CNN and the BBC for all to see.

He also refused to comment on how the situation would be had the deaths in Gaza occurred in Zimbabwe.

“I would not want to start speculating if it had happened in this country or that country,” he said. “I am waiting for an official statement.”

US ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Bruce Wharton had not yet responded to questions send to him by the time of going to press despite assurances from his office that a response would be made on time.

University of Zimbabwe Law lecturer Professor Lovemore Madhuku described the bombings in the Gaza Strip as totally unacceptable.

“It shows the heartlessness of the Western world in the sense that Israel is supported by the US,” he said. “There can be no worse human rights abuse outside extermination of life – it is the worst kind of arrogance.”

Prof Madhuku described the killing of people in Gaza as a genocide.

“They are killing people in broad day light and (Benjamin) Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister) is proud of every moment of that inhumane genocide. If he goes to the US he will get a red carpet for that.”

Federation of Non-Governmental Organisations president Mr Goodson Nguni said the US and the EU were motivated by racist considerations and had no soft spot for non-whites.

“Human rights abuses by the US and EU relate to those issues that are in their interest,” he said. “They have an interest in Israel, so they do not see anything wrong with that war.

“The war in Gaza is between Arabs and Jews. Palestinians are not whites, so in this case the US does not give a damn.”

Israel launched the operation dubbed: “Operation Protective Edge” on July 8 ostensibly targeting the Hamas movement, which controls the region, and its allied groups of Palestinian rebels.

Ten days later, the Israeli army switched to a ground offensive that increased casualties.

Ironically, the assault on Gaza has not been condemned as much as the downing of a Malaysian airlines plane, MH17, that had 295 people on board, with Western media trying to build a case against Russia for reportedly supplying Ukrainian separatists with weapons.

Surprisingly, the US that openly assists Israel with billions in military aid every year, has not been similarly rapped by the same media organisations.

Source : The Herald