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The Book Cafeacute was a hive of activity on Friday as Stunner bid his fans farewell ahead of a tour of the United States while Seh Calaz introduced his new album. Stunner is expected to leave for the United States today for a two-month tour during which he will stage shows in Indiana, Miami, Cleveland, Indianapolis and Washington DC.

Clad in blue jeans, Stunner was the first to take the stage and the musician did his best to please his fans.

The musician played some of his popular songs and some fans drew closer to the stage cheering him.

He played popular songs like “Godo,” “Hameno”, “Song Yangu” and “Zvibhodhoro”, a song he did with Shinsoman.

He later on played Shinsoman’s “Zvidhakwa” much to the delight of fans. The musician sampled his new track “Taunganidza Vanhu” that featured Ngoni Kambarami and it was well received.

He left the stage for Seh Calaz around midnight and the dancehall star set the house ablaze with most of his popular songs. The “Kwatinobva Kwakasiyana” singer surprised many when he came on stage with two bouncers.

Some fans questioned his decision to bring the two on stage considering the mature crowd in the house.

Clad in a black T-shirt and camouflage, the musician played most of his popular songs such as “Kwatinobva Kwakasiyana”, and “Husahwira Hwenyu” among others.

It seemed Seh Calaz had a good night in office as most fans took to their feet and pressed towards the stage cheering Calaz.

Book Cafeacute will this Friday host Africa Revenge in partnership with Jive Zimbabwe.

Jive Zimbabwe director Benjamin Nyandoro said the venue has been hosting successful events and the Africa Revenge gig will be among them.

“Stunner and Seh Calaz show was well planned and we are going to do the same on the Africa Revenge gig,” he said.

Source : The Herald