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Rightwing elements in the United States working together with MDC-T and a putschist cabal in Zanu-PF are pushing for increased spying on Zimbabwe and lobying senior African diplomats in Europe as well as brainwashing young Zimbabweans to join their cause for regime change.

The Council on Foreign Relations, an influential rightwing think-tank, seeks to precipitate anarchy and lawlessness in Zimbabwe in an effort to effect regime change.

In a memorandum dated March 2015, entitled “Political Instability in Zimbabwe: Contingency Planning Memorandum No. 23”, the CFR laid out various strategies to achieve US goals.

The think-tank predicts that civil unrest will rock Zimbabwe “in 12 to 18 months”.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has since travelled to the US to get funding and briefing on strategy.

The CFR says the US should, among other things, seek senior-level dialogue with the Zimbabwean Government in “multiple venues”, but charges the US Embassy in Harare to strengthen parallel communication channels.

“Contacts between the US Embassy in Harare and senior ZANU-PF figures are constrained by the tense relationship between the two capitals and party officials’ fear of incurring (President) Mugabe’s wrath by appearing too close to American representatives,” says the CFR.

“To supplement contacts by the Embassy, the United States should seek to strengthen parallel communications channels in Washington and at the United Nations.

“Co-ordinated messaging in all three channels will be essential. The United States might seek to validate these channels by proposing small incentives, such as promoting greater US investment in Zimbabwe in return for agreement by the Mugabe Government to suspend aspects of its most objectionable economic policies, including ‘indigenisation’.”

The US seeks to get information from and understanding with, senior African diplomats in Europe to influence events in Harare.

“These contacts should be made based on the results of US inter-agency conclusions,” says the CFR.

“The United States should aim to reach a common assessment of the situation and to work toward consensus on positive and negative incentives for Zimbabwe, including sanctions. There should also be agreement to co-ordinate public statements by Western governments in the event of a crisis in Zimbabwe.”

Enticing young Zimbabweans under the so-called exchange programmes forms a pillar of the US regime change agenda.

“Zimbabwe already participates in the US government’s Young African Leader Initiative (YALI),” notes the CFR.

“Consideration should be given to further expanding access by young Zimbabweans to YALI and similar programmes. Although the objective effect of such a decision would not be immediate, it would be a timely counter to the argument of the Mugabe Government that the United States has abandoned the people of Zimbabwe.”

The US is involved in numerous initiatives involving young people, business leaders and women in Zimbabwe.

Senior Government officials, analysts and security experts have expressed deep concern over the machinations of the US and its fifth columnists in light of revelations that the opposition is trying to render the country ungovernable, to force another inclusive Government.

Source : The Herald