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Tongues are wagging after $20,000 disappeared from the scene of the accident which killed Sydney Sekeramayi’ son, with questions being asked as to the source and purpose of the money and who actually nicked it.

Shungu Sekeramayi died on Sunday morning along the Harare-Chirundu highway, when his Toyota Sprinter side swapped a haulage truck and overturned. State media reports said Shungu, who was travelling to Chirundu to meet ‘business associates’ from Zambia, had two passengers in the car. The two passengers have not been named and their fate is unknown.

The Herald claimed that villagers arrived at the scene of the accident ahead of the police and rummaged through the wreckage of the car and stole the cash in the process. The state media quoted relatives who said they knew Shungu had a large amount of cash concealed in the vehicle’s dashboard.

However observers are asking what was the source and purpose of such a large amount in a country facing cash flow problems. They are also asking if indeed the money was nicked by the villagers or by other people.

These questions come after two people were last month acquitted by the court after they were charged for stealing R500,000 from the scene of the helicopter crash which killed a Beitbridge business earlier this year.

SW Radio Africa correspondent Lionel Saungweme said it was now prevalent for money and valuables to disappear from scene of accident and most people suspect the police.

Saungweme said whenever the police search people they search only the ordinary citizens and leave out prominent people and their family members. He added: ‘It is a common secret that most family members of the political elite are involved in deals of all manner involving large sums of money.’

Observers are also wondering why the two passengers have not been named and why their fate is unknown. However sources said the two may have been members of the CIO. SW Radio Africa understands that state security ministers routinely get off duty security agents to guard their family members.

Sekeramayi is currently the minister of defence and since 1980 has alternated between his current post and the intelligence portfolio. He is also known to be extremely secretive and wary of publicity.

Source : SW Radio Africa