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United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean producer Phillip Kembo says he is planning to work with Hollywood artistes like Rihanna and Katy Perry in his career. Kembo, who is affectionately known as Maximus, is following in Zimbabwean-born Brian Shoko’s footsteps. Shoko has produced Beyonce’s song “Drunk in Love” that won him a Grammy Award recently.

The 23-year-old Kembo, who is in country for a break, said local arts sector had more in-born talent than most countries internationally.

“My 2015 biggest dream is to work with Hollywood stars such as Rihanna and Katy Perry. I would love to produce for them because they embody everything from their country of origin, language and art style. I have seen a lot of artistes who when they make it big, lose their identity. Zimbabwe is full of natural talent. I have been to different studios and places and seen the wonders of beats they make, which would make big prominent international producers green with envy,” he said.

He said the dream can be achieved with courage and determination.

“It’s just a step that needs to be taken with caution. Look how Shoko started. Our touch when it comes to beats producing is tremendous. I am planning to relocate to USA soon after finishing my project that I am working on in the UK,” he said.

Kembo said he doesn’t have one role model in his life but different people who inspire him in different situations.

“With music, you have the power to control the world. I don’t necessarily have one role model but have a lot of people who I look up to,” he said.

Kembo said his passion to be a producer started at the age of 13.

“I used to create beats at school, playing on the desk before I went to the UK for a degree in aanced marketing management. I am not new to our local industry as in 2009 I made headlines with the song ‘Moochie’ featuring Black Fin, Converse and Sav Major. The song was played on radio and was a chorus to many hip-hop fanatics,” he said.

He cited lack of networking as a major challenge to the arts sector.

“Locally, there is frustration on who do you know. It is a high mountain to climb when it comes to networking with musicians. You hear them on radio and when you approach them they sometimes develop cold feet.

“Internationally it is all about networking. If you are well connected chances of success are high. I also urge stakeholders to support and chip in when it comes to music production, because quality puts us on the map. Nigerians are now known for good music and movies . . . we are almost the same,” he em- phasised.

Kembo has worked with great producers such as DJ Sion-Elliot (UK) T Collar and Kosh (USA) Dutch and Black Fin (South Africa) while locally the list includes Simba Tagz.

Source : The Herald