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Ex-ZIPRA combatants and the Nkomo family yesterday called on former freedom fighters to unite in the spirit of the late Vice President Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo and bury past grievances to foster national progress.

Speaking during commemorations to mark 15 years since Dr Nkomo’s death, the Nkomo family and surviving ex-Zipra cadres implored Zimbabweans to move on and let go of past injustices.

“I’m personally in pain and hurting. I believe you could also be bleeding too. Kodwa yithina esingaqeda lokhu ukopha. Abamasiko bathi asithobeni amanxeba. It’s time we seriously heal ourselves, individually, at family level and then collaboratively as a nation,” Dr Nkomo’s son, Sibangilizwe told a large gathering at Bulawayo’s Stanley Square.

“This is important for us to go forward socially, economically and in all other aspects of our lives. It’s the only way to truly honour our founding fathers and mothers whose sacrifices can’t be in vain.”

Sibangilizwe, who chairs the Joshua Nkomo Cultural Movement (JNCM), said holding onto past political grievances, in apparent reference to the political strife in the early 1980s and political differences to date, would continue to hinder progress.

Sibangilizwe said the Nkomo family was committed to national healing and nation building and would play its part accordingly.

Zipra Veterans Trust leader Cde Buster Magwizi said it was incumbent upon all Zimbabweans to respect Dr Nkomo’s vision of a peaceful and united country.

The Zipra cadres and the Nkomo family applauded the Government for a three-pronged honour bestowed on Dr Nkomo last December.

Source : The Herald