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THE leader of a pro-Zanu PF trade union has dared finance minister Patrick Chinamasa to cut his and other ministers’ salaries if he is serious about controlling government expenditure instead of targeting poorly paid state workers.

“Why is he (Chinamasa) targeting the downtrodden workers leaving himself? Why doesn’t Chinamasa surrender some of the latest Mercedes Benz cars he is driving?

“If he is sincere about economic recovery and development in particular why doesn’t he cut the ministers’ unnecessary trips and perks?”

Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions (ZFTU) Secretary General, Kennius Shamu, made the remarks at the launch of the Zimbabwe Diamond Miners Workers Union (ZDMWU) in Hotspring near Marange recently.

He added: “There are no sacred cows because everyone is born of a woman.

“All workers are enduring the same hardships why does he (Chinamasa) think the panacea to Zimbabwe’s economic nosedive is to further incriminate and infringe the rights of workers. What philosophy is that?”

Shamu was referring to the decision by Chinamasa to suspend civil servants bonuses until 2017, arguing that the cash-strapped government could not afford the payments.

The decision was however, reversed by President Robert Mugabe who claimed Chinamasa had not consulted the presidency and cabinet.

Shamu claimed that Chinamasa was being influenced against pursuing a pro-poor agenda by cabinet colleagues who were previously chief executives in the private sector.

“He (Chinamasa) colludes with Mike Bimha (industry minister) who pretends to be an industrial strategist when they are neo liberals in our midst.

“We know these guys and Mugabe must whip them into line because if he doesn’t, workers in Zimbabwe this time around will resist and confront these ministers. We will converge at their offices.”

Shamu challenged Mugabe to dismiss ministers undermining his administrastion.

“Mugabe should read riot act to ministers who are making unwarranted declaratory statements which are not research-based,” he said.

“They are giving him headaches and he must simply remove them from office and put competent people in the cabinet

“It is very dangerous like what Patrick Chinamasa did. Chinamasa is a minister of Finance period it is not within his jurisdiction to talk about payment of bonuses or salaries and wages.

“We have Ministry of Labour and Social Services and Public Service Commission they have the mandate to make such declarations. Where is he (Chinamasa) taking that from?”

The outspoken Shamu described Chinamasa’s decision on the bonuses as wayward thinking by “pseudo revolutionaries who are pretenders in the government”.

He said insisted that the ZFTU was not an extension or appendage of the ruling Zanu PF party, saying they were allies because they share ideological principles.

Source : New Zimbabwe