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Most parliamentarians do not have driver’s licences and they produce Parliament identity cards at police roadblocks, a Senator has said. Harare Metropolitan Senator Rorana Muchihwa (MDC-T) on Thursday said some legislators were failing to lead by example as policy makers as they were breaking the law by driving with no requisite documents, thereby endangering other road users.

Sen Muchihwa said this while making a contribution to a motion bemoaning lawlessness on the country’s roads.

Mashonaland East Sen Olivia Muchena (zanu-pf) had moved a motion calling for stiffer penalties on those who commit road traffic offences and the capacitation of the traffic safety council.

Sen Muchihwa said it was embarrassing for a legislator to abuse their status in society by producing a parliamentary identity card to evade arrest.

“You know very well that you are not licensed and a lot of senators know that. The police are embarrassed by the behaviour of unlicensed Honourable Senators who drive on the roads without driver’s licences.

“I urge the senators to acquire licences so that we reduce the carnage on the roads,” said Sen Muchihwa. “I am not going to name and shame anyone in this august Senate, but there are many unlicensed drivers in this House.”

Her contribution drew applause from Senators from both zanu-pf and MDC-T.

Road carnage has been one of those factors contributing to deaths of a lot people. Many people have lost their lives particularly during major public holidays.

Source : The Herald