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China is stealing African animals yet again, and covering it up with suspicious paperwork and probably in violation of its own regulations. More than 30 wild baby elephants are in bomas in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, awaiting clearance for transport overland to Maputo and shipment to China. The probable transit destination is Shanghai Wild Animal Park, though the final endpoint is possibly wealthy private collectors. Many will undoubtedly die before they get there.

According to an undercover wildlife investigator who provided information published in The Star newspaper, the elephant calves are being held at the ZWMA Mtshibi Animal Capture Unit’s holding centre, a few kilometres from Hwange Main Camp, where they’re being vetted for diseases prior to export.

Tourists reported seeing helicopter and ground teams from Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) roping the babies after separating them from their mothers by firing shots above the heads of the herd. The calves would be below the age of five and not properly weaned, which reduces their chance of survival.

Renowned wildlife photographer Karl Amman, who has investigated the illegal animal trade with Asia, is convinced those young elephants which survive will be used in a way…

Source : Daily Maverick