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In 2010 Academy Awards, Mo’Nique wore white gardenias in her hair – just as Hattie McDaniel had in 1940 when she became the first African-American actress to win an Oscar.

From that day, it has become her trademark and today the “Precious” star is a force to reckon with.

Who knew she would be a big star, yet alone a comedienne, she posed the rhetoric question?

Zimbabwe has its own version of Mo ‘Nique who is still an unsung heroine.

Filda Muchabaiwa, who acts as Mai Shinda in the popular drama “Bag Rabvaruka”, has left viewers in stitches with her jokes.

The drama’s session four that was released recently reveals how people are using eccentric means to acquire wealth.

In one of the episodes, Mai Shinda consults a sangoma to get wealthy but things turn horrible after she fails to abide by the instructions.

At a time when many people are turning to prophets and traditional healers in a bid to become filthy rich, the series hits home the point.

In the process Mai Shinda who doubles as Jah Prayzah’s manager shows that acting is not an accident, but a talent that could see her aiming for the heights scaled by Uganda’s Anne Kansiime.

Muchabaiwa poured her heart out on acting, managing a high profile artiste and motherhood.

She said, acting was her passion but because of other commitments it seems to have always been sidelined.

“I have been into acting since I was at school in 1997, its just that I have some pressing issues.

“I was involved in a number of plays and dramas at school and the certificate I attained then became an inspiration for me to take up acting seriously,” she said.

That was the certificate that declared her Mashonaland Central’s Best Actress in 1997.

While she was at school she also earned a name “Mamvemve”.

“People used to call me ‘Mamvemve’ a popular name that was used for acting in most plays in schools,” said Muchabaiwa.

However, she failed to pursue acting as a career because she thought it was just a school thing.

“I never considered it would be something serious after school,” she said.

Asked on how she is balancing a separate career while managing such a big artiste Mai Shinda says it all fits in.

“It’s an inborn thing. I am doubling as a manageress and actor. Jah Prayzah is a big artiste who needs time and commitment to manage but I just find time to rehearse for acting.

“My family love my career and now at our music shows people call me by my character’s name,” she said.

Promoters, fans and even her children now also refer to her as Mai Shinda.

“Some people that see me at Jah Prayzah’s show do not know I am his manager.

“They just know me as the actress,” she added.

Asked if acting and managing a musician leave her with time to be with her family, Muchabaiwa says it is all about planning when to do what.

“They accept that I am at work but during the week I give maximum attention to my family,” she said.

Born in 1975, the actress grew up in Mhondoro where she did her primary education before moving to Mbare. She is one of the few women in the country managing significant musicians.

Source : The Herald