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HARARE City Council workers have threatened to go on strike over the non-payment of salaries.

Harare Municipal Workers Union chairperson, Cosmas Bungu, said the decision to down tools comes as the local authority has been making unfulfilled promises over the payment of salaries and bonuses.

Council employees are owed three months salaries, backdated pay and bonuses from last year and they insist that the Harare City Council has the capacity to pay its workers all the outstanding dues.

“We will go on strike because that is the only way we can get our salaries,” Bungu said adding that “we cannot be patient when our families are dying of hunger while management is living large”.

The workers have requested an urgent meeting with mayor Bernard Manyenyeni to inform him of their decision to down tools. Should the strike go ahead the capital would have to cope with uncollected refuse among other problems.

Workers representative said council is failing to maximise its revenue collection base and there was high corruption by top management hence workers are wallowing in poverty.

“They forced us to stop the blitz that was bringing in money and that is when all these challenges started,” he said.

Failure to pay salaries is not only peculiar to the Harare but other local authorities and companies that are struggling due to the liquidity crisis.

Already, workers at Chitungwiza town council have also downed their tools.

Manyenyeni was said to be in a meeting when reached for comment.

Source : New Zimbabwe