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Upcoming gospel musician Eborn Chimombe has released a six-track album titled “Ndatumwa Neshoko”. The album carries songs such as the title track “Ndatumwa Neshoko”, “Hondo Yemuchadenga”, “Makaita Zvenyu”, “Satan Hauna Simba” and among others.

In an interview, the soft-spoken Chimombe said he is not a public speaker but feels he has something to tell the world hence he chose to preach the gospel through music.

“I cannot preach since I am not good at talking but I know God has given me an assignment that is to preach his gospel through music thus the title of my album ‘Ndatumwa Neshoko’, he said.

He said his Christian background has paid a pivotal role in the messages that the album carries.

“Most of the songs on the album are motivational songs, I am telling the world that as long as you believe in Christ, no matter the challenges one might face in life, victory is certain,” he said.

He added that he is not moved by challenges like piracy that have killed the creative industry.

“What I want is to preach the gospel which I believe I was sent to do, with or without piracy,” he said.

Piracy he added is cancerous and an ill in the entertainment industry but has to be tackled which has to be addressed carefully.

The young musician draws his inspiration from established gospel artistes like Baba naMai Charamba who have stood the test of time and remained resolute in the spreading of God’s word.

He also hailed his producer Lyton Ngolomi whom he said he is his mentor.

“Lyton Ngolomi is the one who discovered my talent and I have worked with his wife Bethany Pasinawako and both of them groomed me to become the musician that I am today,” he said.

Chimombe, who has been holding shows in churches, said basing with the response he is getting wherever he performs the future looks bright for him.

“I can safely say that people are accepting my music and I am currently working on the D album to be released before end of year as well as videos,” he said.

He also promised to hold shows to promote his new project.

Source : The Herald