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Bulawayo-based reggae artist Victor “Cyco X” Chirasha has castigated young people that abuse drugs and encouraged the youths to work hard to shape the country’s future.

The musician, who recently released an album titled “Shadow X”, has been holding street bashes in Bulawayo to put his message across,

“I am preaching oneness, peace, love and unity, I am also encouraging the youths to refrain from using drugs and encouraging them to work hard to make a living because where I come from Bulawayo the situation is hectic, youths are surviving on drugs and begging so it is my wish to see them doing something for themselves,” he said.

“I have been holding street bashes in Bulawayo and I feel this is the time to go international and the first step I am taking is coming here to the capital city though I am permanently based in Bulawayo. I am optimistic that everything will work out for the good.”

On his motive to go international, Cyco X said he is s eyeing the Jamaican market and he used the Jamaican patois language on some of his tracks.

“I am sure that the album is going to hit the international market because of the content and the language I used, original Jamaican and since reggae music is popular in Africa I am optimistic that it will make it,” he said.

He said the message on the album is targeting mostly Africans and that it is suitable for everyone.

“Africans are reggae people so this one is for all, the young, the old, politicians and non politicians.”

Like most of the upcoming musicians, the musician bemoaned lack of adequate finance and sponsorship as a major challenge in his career.

“The road has not been a bed of roses since I did not have enough money to push the project. I looked for sponsors and the one I got helped me half way and I had to finish the project alone.”

Source : The Herald