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Different artists have released their albums with most of them still to make an impact on the local market. Kwekwe-based musician Tawanda Jumo who is a reggae artist collaborated with Peter Moyo on his album Bantuman.

The eight track album reminds many people of the yesteryear jazz songs with a slow tempo.

It is the song “Ndambakuudzwa” that featured Moyo that has a fast tempo.

Other songs on the album are “Tamba”, “Tanga wagegwa”, “Magunje”, “Mwoyo Muti”, “Vatema”, “Munoti Kudini” and “Zvepanyika”.

Though the songs have got good messages, the musician still has to work on his arrangement of instruments.

Military Shoriwa, a Beitbridge-based musician recently released a two-in-one album titled “Murehwa Kwave Kumberi”.

The album has songs “Murehwa Kwave Kumberi”,” Zvamunoronga”, “Chengetai”, “Imba yemashoko”, “Kere”, “Mharadzano”, “Ndideiwo”, “Vanhu Vopera”, “Zvimwe Ndezve Godo” and “Vana Vangu”.

Shoriwa claims his album is a correction of other artist’s mistakes.

“Our music is now characterised by dirty lyrics that people cannot listen to with their children and as a band we have decided to rectify that mistake,” said Shoriwa.

Though he is still to make an impact on the music industry the musician tried to track the footsteps of the late Leonard Dembo.

A lot is needed on the musician’s vocals though his instruments are well arranged.

From Marondera there is Great Kali who seeks to trace the work of Pengaudzoke.

The musician roped some of Pengaudzoke instrumentalist in working on his album.

The album has songs such as “Gushungo”, “Nzara”, “Dzimwe Nyaya”, “Taneta, Kodzero” and instrumental of “Nzara”.

From this project the musician has to work on the arrangement of his songs and the content of his message.

Source : The Herald