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Cement floors are scrubbed, polished and shined to a mirror finish, spotless dishes left to dry on the running board of the chunky concrete sink which is outside the kitchen window and the stark bathroom is scrupulously scrubbed every morning and sometimes several more times during the day.

Early in the morning the sweeping of yards extends beyond the boundaries to ensure that the piece of municipal road outside the perimeter is as impeccable as the pocket-size patch of lawn and the minuscule driveway.

The competition to have the smartest home in the neighbourhood is high, even those women who work outside the home are just as house proud as their stay at home neighbours.

Welcome to the world of the high density suburbs where high walls and solid gates are not always there to keep the hawk eyes of the neighbours away from slatternly housekeeping and dirt of the more personal kind.

It is no wonder that a major producer of cleaning materials has recognised these women as everyday heroes who play an important role in assuring the continued health of a large majority of urban areas.

With this in mind the giant manufacturer launched its “Making health homes healthier” campaign this past week.

Unilever Southern Africa Marketing Director Mrs Juliet Ziswa said that the campaign is about creating a brighter future for the consumer by ensuring that the relationship is not all give on one side and all take on the other.

“Globally two billion consumers use our products. We now want to practice what we call responsible growth.

“Therefore we have come up with the idea of visiting homes, sharing hints and tips while giving out prizes.”

She said that the campaign was launched in Highfield because of the historical significance of that suburb from which many present day leaders including President Mugabe came from.

She also said that the campaign is also about debunking the myth that the people in the high density buy cheap.

“It is a misconception to say that people here do not appreciate branding. This is where you get the highest customer loyalty because people here appreciate the value of money and will not part with their cash for junk.

“Whenever you visit homes here you find them amazingly clean. Everything is neat and smart.”

Unilever category manager — branding Ms Rufaro Masunda said there was introspection on the part of the organisation to decide what more could be done beyond the sterling job that the products are already doing to improve quality of lives for consumers.

“We decided to have one big bang to make a call to make homes healthier.”

She revealed that the campaign which is promoting four products — a general sanitising cleaner, scouring powder, washing powder and dish washing liquid will run until the end of the year and that there are more goodies in store for the consumers which will be revealed in due course.

There was entertainment galore with a dancing group, a drama skit and the gospel group Zimpraise taking the crowd to their feet with renditions of their popular tracks like Sungano. Brand ambassador talk show host Rebecca Chisamba was part of the show and she charmed the gathering of mostly women in her own unique way as she talked about her own experiences with the brands.

A source within the organisation revealed that although the majority of products are imports, the distribution chain creates over 500 jobs in the country.

The campaign is also a very positive development for the creative industry as artists in different fields and their supporting service providers are an integral part of the whole thing.

Source : The Herald